Monday, February 13, 2012


Saw lots of wastage being done today. Was invited to the chinese new year celebration by BAKTI today. 1st of all CNY is already far over, for what they want to organise this to show off?? Next they want to held it at 1 5 star hotel JW Marriot. You all think la, just the place is expensive enough already. The food although is very nice, but its still not as nice as pure chinese food and its way way more expensive. I feel that they should cut down the budget on that and maybe donate cash to those really in need (ME!!!). LOL

Lastly the ang pao they gave me is only so so little. Was expecting maybe get RM50 so that can cover my petrol fees there. Looks like what I wanted could not get once again. I end up with just a miserable RM30. You tell me la, worth it to go or not. Ok I treat that the round I went back Serdang today is to test out my car whether the car is ok or not.

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