Wednesday, February 29, 2012

no time to rest

My life has been really really busy. Before today I'm not so busy but after attended 3 classes today I've got extra 3 assignments to do. One of it the due date is next monday while this weekend I have training at UITM. Could not be really involved in the group assignment thus I tried to finish it asap now.
The A900 I have been eyeing for such a long time has finally come to the last stock with such low price. Too bad I don't have the cash to buy it now. Sigh. My mom do not want to lend me RM6k also. Everyday keep thinking bout it till did not sleep much. Cant stop my mind thinking about it. How can I loan money ne without interest? Should I tell my 'Wife' bout it? Haiz. Don't know what to do now. Body tired. Not enough sleep but my mind seems to be awake all the time.

what a day

What a day. Really really tired and busy. Until now only got some time to update my blog. Slept a while just now during the night so that I could wake up to do my work. My red spots did not get better and its spreading to other new places of my leg. The doctor gave me antibiotic to eat as he fear its an infection. Got new lotion to apply on the red spots also. I need to have some progress for my FYP also but I still can't troubleshoot and find out how to solve the problem.

Off to do my work now.

Monday, February 27, 2012

tiring day again

Today the time really passed so fast. Its already almost midnight now. Went to PKU this morning and waited to see the doctor for around 30 minutes and just ended up talking to the doctor for like less than 3 minutes. Doctor ask me to monitor a few days after applying the cream given and asked to come back again if it did not improve. Don't know with my suppressed immune system now will I even get better? Sigh.

Then after that had to rush back to my faculty to attend a meeting with my FYP supervisor. Luckily I just arrive in time before they start. Tomorrow suppose to have a training with him but till now still haven't update us on the exact location of the training. After the meeting and its 3 types of class till 5pm. Am really exhausted now as not getting enough of rest today. So today's blog will be a short 1.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unlucky day again

Today early morning went to a photoshoot with some friends at Bukit Jalil Park. The shoot was ok and everything went well until I think I made a wrong decision to wear three quarter pants to the shoot. Because of that when I knelt on the floor with grass or whatever came in contact with my bare skin on my leg, there seems to be red spots on my right leg. It looks something like this

It seems to be spreading more and more throughout my right leg now. I think I should go and see the doctor now right? Better seek help to stop it before it becomes too late.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A normal weekend

Its finally the weekend. I feel that my weekdays and weekends will almost be the same for this half a year except that during weekdays I've got 5 classes to attend while weekends I get to rest in my hostel room or at home. Wonder if I should go back home more often? If I go home more often I'll be lazy and then FYP wont have much progress. But at least I get to eat better food when I go home. So which one should I choose leh? Dilemma.

Today managed to asked my senior to come and teach about my FYP. He was kind enough to travel all the way from Seremban to UPM just to teach my friend and me just for roughly 2 hours plus. Really really appreciate it. At least after he had explained to me, I understand a bit more already and ready to proceed on my own. Must really treat my senior when I've got the chance as he is willing to help us even though its not really his responsibility anymore.

Tomorrow I'll be having another photoshoot with Sher Lynn. Must make sure I've got at least 1 or 2 nice and sharp pictures this time. Not like last time did not check properly and just ended the photoshoot.

Friday, February 24, 2012

busy busy times..

Time is really running short for me ne. So many works need to be done and yet its still not yet been finished. All stuck half way especially my FYP. The deadline is getting so near yet I still don't have any progress yet. Partly is due to my laziness but half of the reason its not progressing is because someone who promised to help keep tend to delay it. I know its not fully that person's fault and I should have depended on my ownself. BUT it really is very difficult and way beyond my understanding. Just hope after today things will progress la. Really must push myself already or else will suffer in the end. Next week some more got training by ALTERA for our FYP competition. Need to prepare proposal, write progress report and identify 5 problems faced. Sigh.

Homework and assignments given by lecturers during the 1st week of semester also all done half way. Not complete. Waiting to refer to friends one to complete it. Really must be hardworking already this semester. Less entertainment only can finish all the work. Hopefully it wont be too stressful for my body.

On another note it seems the steroid medication is not really working. Still had swelling legs for last few days and now muscle on my thigh and the joint at my right leg is feeling the pain. Usually my leg will pain when I can feel the water start flowing down to my feet but I've already released the extra fluid in the body for the pass few days and now should be no more extra. Why is the pain there ne? Hmm.. .

Thursday, February 23, 2012

quite a nice day

Today turn out to be quite an enjoyable day for me as the photoshoot turned out well (in my opinion). Hopefully those who joined today also enjoyed themselves. Would like to thank the lord for such a wonderful day today. Here are some of the photos taken today. Its not the best and perfect 1, but do hope you all enjoy it.

Many homework waiting for me now. Time to go settle it. Ciaoz.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time is not enough

It seems that 24 hours for me now is not enough. Too many things need to be done but the time is too little. Homework and assignments are already piling up. Do not really have the time to go through what the lecturer have thought in class today. Hmm is my time management not good enough? Was hoping to get 4 flat this semester but I think with the analog subject that I'm forced to take this sem, I won't be achieving my target.
Might as well spend some time in developing my photography skills and try build up my reputation. :)

Gonna have a photoshoot with a newbie model tomorrow morning somewhere at Equine Park. Not really ready for the photoshoot as I haven't had any visual images in my mind on how the images should turn out. Even the exact location also I'm not very sure yet. Just go with the flow la and pray things will turn out fine? Kinda worry as things that I want wont get one. Lets test out this theory again tomorrow. May there be nice pictures from the photoshoot la.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Everytime I hear my friends having insomania and wonder why they could not sleep so easily. But for me I never had this problem until I start taking my medication which is the steroid. My mind is now always energetic and quite alert but actually my body should be tired already. Although it is tired I still cant really feel the tiredness until I really really tired. Thus this makes me could not sleep for a long period of time. I can fall asleep easily if I want to but I get awoken pretty fast and easy too. So how to solve this problem? I plan to just force myself to sleep from 12am to 6am every night. I asked my friend who is studying medic each person should have how many hours of sleep each day and he said 8. So balance another 2 more hours I'll keep it as my nap time. Sounds like a plan? It is to me.
Its been quite some time since I posted any pictures to be shared here so here are some for you readers to look through. Do hope to hear comments from you all bout the photo.

Monday, February 20, 2012

a brand new semester and the final 1

Its been quite a tiring day for just the 1st day of the start of my final semester in UPM. Although I just attended 2 class for today, I've already manage to bring back 2 homework from 1 of the subject. 1 homework is to be done and submitted by tomorrow. Luckily I manage to finish the one which would need to be passed up already. Another 1 more to go which I have to do some research on it.

I have been approached my a model today from Paris. Was thinking of wanting to bring her over to Malaysia for a photoshoot or not. Her rate is kinda high because its in Euro. So now looking for photographers who would be interested in shooting a Caucasian model. If any of you readers are interested in it, do let me know ya. Time to continue with my work. Many things need to be done in such short time. Bye for now.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

finally start busying

My days of relaxing at home is finally over. So many things to do lately since yesterday as predicted before. My schedule now is kinda fully occupied. I'm either busy with class/ assignments or photography. Hopefully my body will be able to manage the upcoming stress. Today will be the day I'm back at UPM. So if anyone wanna find me or 'date' me, my meeting up point would be in Serdang mostly.

Had quite an enjoyable learning session on photography thanks to Sony NEX workshop. I think I really need to attend the NEX workshop so that I could fully utilize my NEX5N. Loving more and more of my camera each time I use it. Pictures are still in the midst of processing. Hopefully I won't need to edit much and let it be as natural as possible. :)

Later will be busy packing, unpacking and cleaning up my hostel room. Then at night would need to start to console my 'lao po' and pray that she can get through her semester. Lao Po- Gambateh o... I'll always be supporting you de.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Final days resting at home

Just rest a few days at home then I start to feel a bit bored already. Feel like finding something exciting to do except sleep, eat, do final year project and stuff. Have a feeling that I'll be super busy once tomorrow arrives. So is being busy and occupied better or able to laze around better? I think I'll prefer the 1 in between. If possible busy a while then get to rest. Like that I can only go much further with my sick body.

Finally 1 of the stock photography site approved 10 of my images and my account can finally get approved and start selling stock photos. Do take a look at to view and download my stock images ya. Thanks for the support. :)

So many things to do yet so little time and I don't know where to start from. Have you all ever faced this before?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It seems that today and tomorrow will be the only day I stay at home the whole day with the exception of going out to eat during lunch and dinner. I can say that it really is relaxing for me to do this but if its in the long run I'll definitely get very very bored. Now my everyday task would be online, write blog, update simple photography guide (its coming back up real soon I hope. The web site is, doing my final year project ( no idea how to continue without guidance of my 'beloved' supervisor) and some stuff that I planned to do a long long time ago but still not yet carried out. I really wish to do something interesting such as doing some photography job and get paid. Shooting models and events would definitely be great. With the pay I get from this freelance job I'm sure I'll be able to fund my own studio and get the A900 that I've always wanted. So any kind person out there would love to hire me?

Today during lunch I ate another round of Bar B Q plaza. After eating consecutive rounds of it for 2 days, I would like to say I'm kinda scared of eating it anymore for the time being. I cant keep eating the same food for a few days as I'll get sick of eating it. Don't know its just me or everyone also. I don't really enjoy food but I do enjoy spending my money on gadgets. This is one of the reason why you see me being such small size. So asking me to buy friends lunch or dinner is really not my style and please don't think that I'm stingy. If I can afford it I'll definitely treat my friends. As of now I'm signing off saying that I'm really broke and in need of money. Please anyone can help me out during my financial crisis?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's day

This day is suppose to be a sweet sweet day for every couple if they celebrate it. Actually not everybody would be happy today because if everyone is happy then there would not be war already. So I only can wish those unhappy couple to quickly try resolve theirs like how I always try to solve my relationship problems.
My celebration was just pretty simple a lunch together and then went for a movie together. Just bought her some simple valentine present. Its the thoughts that counts right? Here's what she got for me.

She said my face not clean enough wan me clean everyday ne. HAHA. Will try to remember it la. Thanks LAO PO. :D
I hope she enjoyed the day although I know its hard for her. But I promise I'll love her everyday and try to provide her whatever she needs. Shot a few nice shots of my beloved 'wife' using NEX5N but posting 1 here only. All of you can leave a comment on it ya.

One last shot of us together using hand phone camera.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Saw lots of wastage being done today. Was invited to the chinese new year celebration by BAKTI today. 1st of all CNY is already far over, for what they want to organise this to show off?? Next they want to held it at 1 5 star hotel JW Marriot. You all think la, just the place is expensive enough already. The food although is very nice, but its still not as nice as pure chinese food and its way way more expensive. I feel that they should cut down the budget on that and maybe donate cash to those really in need (ME!!!). LOL

Lastly the ang pao they gave me is only so so little. Was expecting maybe get RM50 so that can cover my petrol fees there. Looks like what I wanted could not get once again. I end up with just a miserable RM30. You tell me la, worth it to go or not. Ok I treat that the round I went back Serdang today is to test out my car whether the car is ok or not.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dad's birthday

Finally my leg is not swelling anymore. All the extra water has been expelled out after taking the medicine. Hopefully after 2 months of eating the steroid my protein urea will reduce and be under control. Eating too much steroid is really giving me too much side effect. Keep feeling hungry, water retention in body, too energetic, my join which has avascular necrosis (AVN) is much more pain, etc.
Tomorrow need to go back UPM as BAKTI is organising some kind of Chinese New Year celebration for the orang kurang upaya (OKU). Heard got ang pao given but I doubt its even enough to cover my petrol for tomorrow. Just wait and see la.
Today is my dad's birthday. Did not really have the money to buy present and celebrate it as my camera repair has cost me RM980. So my sis just bought a cake from King's and treat him eat. Tried taking the picture of the cake and submit it as stock photography. Its still in the editing process. Hopefully it will be ready tonight for all readers to comment on it. Really need those comments as I want to improve on food photography too.

Thats all for now.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Problem arises

Yesterday was really not a smooth day. Whole day problem keep arising. So the 1st problem that appear is my health is not improving yet and I have to take the medication aka steroid which has lots of side effect for another 2 months. Mostly the medication will have no effect on me as my theory of repulsion in life is taking an effect.

Next my car. It is also having the same problem with me which is related to water. My car keep consuming a lot of water while my body is retaining so much water. How ironic ya? Till now the problem is still not solved and it needs to be constantly monitored so that my car wont spoil overheat and die on me before I graduate and get a new car.

Then yesterday while checking the car, the car repair took quite a long time and it made me break a promise with a model. I had to delay the photoshoot till so late night. Finished the shoot late and reached home quite late.

Money also using up very fast already. Still finding ways to find extra income. Camera repair is ready and I need to pay it. My 'wife' is also having her own problems but as her dear I'm not able to fully help her out. I felt so useless and feel that I'm her source of pain and disappointment as I broke quite a few promise before. I swear I'll try to change myself and not do the same mistake again.

Ok la enough of ranting already. Rest 1st and must not stress up myself.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

changing plans

So many things running through my head now. The steroid side effect seems to be giving me a lot of side effect on me. I'm feeling restless and sleeping lesser now. I should be resting more since i'm sick right? but here I am awake and not in bed. I was suppose to join a camp to help collect donation to fund for a university activity but due to my health problem I had to cancel my plans. I wanted to join in to help out as a senior and maybe know the newer generation people too but as I said before things that I want will never get.

Its almost time for me to go repair my car. My car also same like me is sick. The car is using up too much water and while my body is keeping too much water. How ironic right?

Monday, February 6, 2012

needing cash

To survive everyone needs money nowadays. Everything cost a lot due to high inflation rate. I wonder why the money value keeps on decreasing? Is it because the petroleum of the earth is getting depleted and cause everything to rise? I don't think there's a solution to solve that problem.

So now I'm trying to think of ways to earn extra side income. Hopefully my passion of photography can help to keep me survive in the future. I'm planning to open up a studio as a business. I've been exposed to quite some knowledge on studio photography. BUT can I manage the studio properly and start earning? Maybe not just earn as long it can self sustain and don't bring me extra cost then I would be happy already. Too bad GOD would not let me have the things I want always. My theory for my life: Things that I want would never get it.

I'm also hoping to earn some extra income by getting a passive income. My target for this would be venture into stock photography. Anyone out there willing to give a helping hand by guiding me how to do it for free? Sharing knowledge is caring right? Do good things will be rewarded in some unexpected ways. Speaking of doing charity, its almost time for me to pack my stuff and get ready for PAP external affair camp liao. Signing off.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Studio Shoot with Stephy

My passion for photography has been burning lately. Kept thinking of it. Recently saw something that really really caught my attention. Someone is selling a brand new Sony A900 for only RM6k. That is a real real bargain. Too bad I don't have the money. I'm only interested in Sony stuff. I know the A900 is the best in its line and does any of my readers here feel that I should not get it? Please do not tell me Sony camera no good just because its a Sony. Tell me what you think of the camera functionality. Worth buying or not ne?

Here's just some of the studio shoot I did yesterday with my NEX5N. Personally quite happy with the quality of the images being produced by this camera.

All of the photos here are not being photoshopped except for the watermark. Any comments on it? Just bash it. I'm here to improve and learn. Hopefully can get some comments to improve.

More pictures on my blog next time. Hopefully. Keep fingers crossed.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trying to start afresh

Everytime I had this urge to start everything all over again in my life, but I know I can never achieve that as time is not reversible. So I can only start from this moment. So ngam also the day I've chosen is my beloved "wife's (aka swan)" birthday which is the 4th February. If one of my friend say I also copy hers of doing new resolutions its just so coincidental only. Here are just some of the simple and yet tough stuff that I must do in my life. Things that I can control and the list are:
  1. Try to lead a normal healthy lifestyle. Love myself so that I can enjoy more in the future.
  2. The longer I can live the more I can take care of my "wife" and my parents and family members. I owe a lot especially to my parents (dad and mom). I know I haven't been a good and ordinary child to both of you but I'll try to find somehow to repay all my debts in my life by not giving too much trouble anymore. I LOVE YOU mom and dad. Wish to give a hug to both of you but scare after you all thought what is happening to me.
  3. I wanna be a better photographer. Learn up as much skills as possible. With simple equipment I hope to achieve life those professionals standard.
  4. I've been trying to create my own passive income to support myself. I'm setting up this blog and also my own webpage as a photography portfolio. I do need support from everyone out there la. Once a while help me out with the advertisements. Please dont abuse it. I'll really be glad if all things work out and if I can afford it next time I'll sure treat my readers in some way. You help me I help you. LOL
Thats all I can think of for now. Almost time for me to take my medication and maybe get some rest for few hours before being so energetically awake. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ending of cny

time really fly so fast... cny is almost coming to an end... time to keep all the mood and continue with life aleidi... took a few pictures during cny just to share with the frens who visit my blog here.. its ntg much... do leave a comment so that i know who still visits my blog... thanks a lot ya...