Friday, March 30, 2012


Have been promoting my paid photoshoot event for 1 month and still there is not much response. Dont know is because no one dares to join or the timing is really really bad? I still need 2 more participant to join or else it will be cancelled. This is the 1st event that I organise and I fail again. Sigh. Can anyone help me promote it?

Here's the video I've took at PAP UPM 2012 yesterday. All the videos can be seen below. Hopefully you all enjoyed it

Monday, March 26, 2012

2nd post of the day...

Had to write this post up as after encountering something today. Few weeks back my group did a presentation in front of the class and today we've gotten our marks. The marks given was actually quite ok except for the part for our attire. We got 0.75 out of 2. So the reason my lecturer gave us this low is because I was not wearing formal clothing like the rest of my team member. Then I explained to him that is not that I purposely do not want to wear formal but is because on that presentation day I was having shingles and my leg was swollen and I find it quite difficult for me to wear properly as I'm feeling the pain. I explained nicely to the lecturer of my condition and guess what the lecturer replied me? This is a group work and I should sacrifice myself. How the hell he want me to sacrifice? Endure the pain and suffering? I already sacrificed my rest and ignore the doctor's order to rest at home but instead I still attend class. After hearing what my lecturer say I was totally in fire. How can he have no compassion at all? Damn man. Even I myself not the good holy person also knows if a person is really in pain should just cut some slack on him. Maybe I just made the wrong decision to go up present in front of everyone when I was not wearing formal. I would like to say sorry to my group mates for bringing down the marks of the whole group. Sorry.

New photography team

I finally manage to form my own photography team to accept events and portraiture photography. Its still new and I hope that everything will be able to fall in place as the team progress. I don't expect everything to be smooth but I do hope to get the support from family and friends. Now my biggest headache is the team's name. Haven been able to come up with something nice, catchy and maybe feminine a bit? But I think the catch phrase that we had come up yesterday was some what good which is artistic. fun. memories. Do you think its nice? How to form a name based on these tagline ne? I really need the inspiration now. I know branding is very important. If any of you readers out there has any suggestions I really hope you can leave your comments in this post? If the name is really nice maybe next time we can do a photoshoot for you for free?

Time is really running out now as I've still got proposals, presentation, test, FYP to settle. Thats all for now. Hope to see your feedback. ;)

Friday, March 23, 2012


Its been already 3 weeks plus since I got shingles on my right leg. It is partially recovering now as you can see from the picture below.

I'm healing quite slow because the doctor who diagnose shingles forget to ask me to stop my Azar medication. I also just knew my dry cough was due to my medication side effect. Have to bear with it so that my protein leaking problem can at least be controlled? Better rest more and enjoy life more so won't fall sick so much. Ciaoz.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


During this busy hours I'm still finding time to update my blog. Proposal need to be submit tomorrow but still my group members haven't send me all their parts. How am I going to combine them leh? Sigh. Disappointed with them. I know they are busy with test and what not before but please la at least plan your time properly. Your work will affect other people. Don't give trouble to others. Now time to get back to work or else I cant finish it also by tomorrow. Ciaoz.

Monday, March 19, 2012

week 5

With a glimpse of an eye 5 weeks has passed since my final semester started. Why is time flying so darn fast? My time is really really fully occupied now. Wonder if that is putting a lot of stress on my body and soul? Don't really feel much pressure but still enjoying. Though my projects, assignments, presentation, FYP are all still waiting for me to keep them accompany. Time management is really really important now.

Lately I've been forced to spend quite a lot of money also though. Hopefully my blog will be able to help generate some income for me la. Thanks for all the readers who have been visiting my blog frequently. Really appreciate it. Thats all for now. Ciaoz

Sunday, March 18, 2012

photoshop and lightroom class

I've always wanted to learn how to use photoshop to edit all my portraiture work but too bad there's no one to teach me. I'm actually more of those type of people who learn things through teachings by others. I absorb faster this way compared to self learning from books and the internet. I've a very very good sifu in photoshop. He is willing to teach me but too bad I need a class of 5 students to at least start. The course is considered to be quite cheap already compare to the others and I can say it will be very worth while if you take up this class. The cost of it will be RM350 per person and its a portrait retouching Master class. There is also another class which I'm interested which is the Adobe Lightroom accelerated for photographers. This class also need at least 5 students to start up and it cost RM300 per person. My master who will be teaching is Wesley Wong. His works are really really fantastic. So anybody willing to join me for these classes?

Friday, March 16, 2012


I guess because of what I've done yesterday has caused me many unhappy things happen to me today. I paid my parking ticket but forgotten to take the ticket. In the end get a fine of RM20. Next at 1st almost had an accident by knocking the car in front of me due to not concentrating enough and did not press the break hard enough. I thought I was lucky at that time as nothing happened. But then it did not just end like that. AFter like 1 hour later after having my dinner, the same thing happened. This time my car is rolling backwards. Rolling and kena horn by other car also din notice until my car shake d only know. Came down to see the car and some more want to blame others for knocking me. Sigh. What a shame. Next time must be more alert when driving le. Money just keep flying away today. Have to go repair my car back bumper tomorrow. Wira's bumper just touch a bit then till drop down le.

Tired liao. Time to sleep soon and can only hope that GOD have finish punishing me.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012

Another year has passed and its time for the annual hot air balloon festival at Putrajaya. This time I made sure I went there early on a weekday to be able to buy the tickets to ride the hot air balloon (partially went there also because of my friend). Reached there at 6.30am and started queuing up. Then finally at 7.15am was given 3 numbers to buy 3 tickets.

The 3 tickets was actually what I bought extra to sell it at RM15 to earn some pocket money to cover my expenses. Sounds fair right? I help others to line up early to buy ticket leh. Haha.

After selling off the 3 tickets went to see the setup of all the hot air balloons.

Big cake coming up

Video of me flying up "not high above the ground"

End of the joy ride and time to get back to UPM for afternoon class

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blush meet and greet

Yesterday unexpectedly won a meet and greet pass for Blush. Blush is actually the opening band for Jessie J concert. It comprises of 5 females and I just went for it today at KL Hilton. Here's some of the pictures taken.

Angeli and Jihae



The girls chatting after finish being interviewed by the press

Group photo taken by me

Blush and ME!!!

Angeli and me

Victoria is so tall

Aiks... blur photo... :(

Thats all for today. Stay tuned for more updates on me. :D

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

OMG Paradise Covershoot Girl Finale Night

Last Thursday I got the privilege to go to the event mentioned in the title as a media. This is the 1st time I'm getting this kind of tag although I did not apply as media but as a photographer/ blogger instead.

This is what I basically get for the night. Any1 wants the free gift they gave me? Can last till end of April.

Below are basically what happens during the whole event. See to feel what has happened.

Opening performance

The pretty emcee for the night.

The 5 judges

Its catwalk time!!!

Souvenir presentation to the sponsors and judges

Contestant performing a dance.

Question answering time

That's all for today. If you all want to watch the rest of the performance of the other contestant please leave a comment below. :)