Thursday, March 15, 2012

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012

Another year has passed and its time for the annual hot air balloon festival at Putrajaya. This time I made sure I went there early on a weekday to be able to buy the tickets to ride the hot air balloon (partially went there also because of my friend). Reached there at 6.30am and started queuing up. Then finally at 7.15am was given 3 numbers to buy 3 tickets.

The 3 tickets was actually what I bought extra to sell it at RM15 to earn some pocket money to cover my expenses. Sounds fair right? I help others to line up early to buy ticket leh. Haha.

After selling off the 3 tickets went to see the setup of all the hot air balloons.

Big cake coming up

Video of me flying up "not high above the ground"

End of the joy ride and time to get back to UPM for afternoon class


Ain Kamsani said...

Wah, what time did you get there? I went there around noon and there was only one balloon for ride.. very disappointed actually..

ngcmn said...

dr... i went there at 6.30am to line up just to ride the hot air balloon.. i missed it last time when i reached there at 7am... if want to ride have to go very early...