Tuesday, April 24, 2012

things get heated up...

So fast time flies. Its already week 9 of my final semester in UPM. Project deadlines are coming nearer and nearer and yet many of it is still not done especially my Final Year Project on Genetic Algorithm. Its really really tough implementing the GA on hardware as the random function is not really applicable in hardware. I have to come up with something so that the random functions will work in my GA. Really headache la. I need more time to think as my brain is not as efficient as others. I can't handle much stress anymore. I don't want to have another infection like last time. Will GOD send someone to help me out so that I could finish my project in time and graduate? Will my supervisor fail me if I cant produce it out? Really really afraid to face the future. If only I can control time, how nice it will be.
On another note, I do hope my group members could give full cooperation to me so that things could run smoothly. Just like my photography team, they are willing to give ideas feedback and work as a team in order to achieve something. Now just balance the MOMENTRAIL logo then everything should be able to be officially launch already. Hopefully everything will go smoothly.
Lately I've also been getting a few request from girls wanting to be models. I would surely glad to accept them to be my model but as my budget is really running really really low and I'm actually quite busy with my uni coursework, I might not be able to help all the models out there. Have to apologise 1st for this. Do hope to get the opportunity to shoot more models in the future(hoping to get paid next time).Here's just 1 edited photo taken last saturday. Do leave your comments bout my photo. Ciaoz.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Most people use their weekends to rest up and charge their bodies after a long week. Too bad it is not the case for me now. Tomorrow I need to submit my Innovate report and my group members and I (basically is my group member working on it now as I'm away for the time being) found out a lot of problem for my part. My part of the competition is actually still under construction (for almost more than half a year already).I cant seem to get the proper algorithm working on the hardware. Maybe I'm just not as smart as my group mate or I just really really suck at it. Don't know I will be able to graduate on time or not. Must not put so much stress on myself or else I'll get another infection according to what the doctor says.
Not only my Final Year Project for the Genetic Algorithm is not completed, my internet computing project also very slow progress. More Engineering society assignments are being thrown at us, more projects will be given to us by Testing and Analog lecturer. How can need to accomplish so much in such short time? Sigh.... Almost giving up d.
Here is just some of the edited photos.

This picture is edited by my friend. Is it nice???

Monday, April 16, 2012

photoshoot with Angel Chia...

Had a photoshoot with a cute and friendly girl last saturday... It was indeed quite an enjoyable session... Hope she enjoyed it too although she's still new into modelling... Here are some of the pictures...

Friday, April 13, 2012

PC Fair April 2012

Just back from the PC fair... Seems like its not as attractive as it used to be... Maybe is because this time I dont have any budget to spend on... Or maybe its just because the companies are cutting down on their budget for hiring models to attract customers... Anyway here are just some of the girls that I met during the 2 hours in the fair... Enjoy... ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

time keeping

To be on time is very important. Especially for a busy guy like me. My schedule is already fully pack with my final year project, assignments and photography life. That is why I always like to be punctual ever since I am young. Really dislike people who are not punctual and disrupt other people's life. Anyway here are some photos I took on tuesday. Enjoy

Monday, April 9, 2012

things need to be done during the sem break

So manty things that is needed to be done during this week... Lets list all of them out so that I wont missed out on any.

  1. FINAL YEAR PROJECT (top priority)
  2. Testing - study
  3. Internet computing - Android apps development
  4. Analog - Contemporary issues on BJT
  5. Engineering society - Assignment on environmental issues

I think thats all for now that I can remember. Must really work hard liao o or else cant graduate on time.

Friday, April 6, 2012

sem break

The semester break has finally started and every university student should be enjoying it except for the final year students including me. Life has been very hectic for the past 7 weeks and finally I should get a day or 2 of rest before continuing. Time is really running out now. Just noticed that my understanding of the Genetic Algorithm part is wrong. Had to rewrite the whole code again myself. Hopefully wont face much problem for the next few days. Will be having training with Dreamcatcher again for saturday and sunday on some report writing skills and presentation skills. Hopefully will learn something usefull la.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Lately I feel that I'm really really not independent at all. No matter in whatever matter. School work, money, advices and etc. I just keep on depending on others. When can I be more independent. My FYP now cant find a solution for it as I'm just too weak in verilog coding and I don't really have the time to go read up more on it. Besides that I also don't really have the interest to spend more time in searching more info. I prefer someone to teach me. So that way I can finish my things faster and learn faster too. Seems that I'm too used to being spoon few during my primary and secondary school. Too much stress also now. Eating medication and its not working. Why am I pushing myself so hard? Can't I just relax? Of caused not. If I dun push myself now, who is going to take care of my expenses? I cant be depending on my parents all the time right? Now even what I want to learn and even eat also my parents have to subsidise me. Most of my friends are already working and able to stand on their own 2 feet. What about me? Haiz.

Pushing myself too much is also really bad for me. Putting stress on me physically and mentally will just make my SLE condition worst. Now I;m facing balding and protein leaking issues. Eating the medication is not helping also. Now can only depend on miracles to happen. But am I worthy of receiving this miracle since I'm just a bad guy. Don't care so much anymore. Better focus on my life now.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

money o money

Money has been flowing out so fast lately. Just within 1 month my expenditure already more than what I have. Spent around RM260 for android apps developing. Then eating also spent quite a lot as my appetite has been huge due to side effect of the steroid. Petrol also spend so much on travelling here and there. How to increase my income ne? Do hope more people will visit my blog and the links which I post everyday lo. No other choice le. Wonder will GOD help me out? Better not hope anything or else will like yesterday disappointed. Thats all for the rants today. Busy busy week ahead until I graduate.