Saturday, April 21, 2012


Most people use their weekends to rest up and charge their bodies after a long week. Too bad it is not the case for me now. Tomorrow I need to submit my Innovate report and my group members and I (basically is my group member working on it now as I'm away for the time being) found out a lot of problem for my part. My part of the competition is actually still under construction (for almost more than half a year already).I cant seem to get the proper algorithm working on the hardware. Maybe I'm just not as smart as my group mate or I just really really suck at it. Don't know I will be able to graduate on time or not. Must not put so much stress on myself or else I'll get another infection according to what the doctor says.
Not only my Final Year Project for the Genetic Algorithm is not completed, my internet computing project also very slow progress. More Engineering society assignments are being thrown at us, more projects will be given to us by Testing and Analog lecturer. How can need to accomplish so much in such short time? Sigh.... Almost giving up d.
Here is just some of the edited photos.

This picture is edited by my friend. Is it nice???

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