Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Things which I have learnt in the past half a year

It has been half a year since the day I made those comments about the company I'm working in... After thinking again I felt that my actions was quite silly... Should have asked some opinions from my friends 1st and not just post in rage without thinking properly... I do regret for posting such defamatory comments bout the company... I know posting such comments will have serious consequences and I have to make amends and ask for their forgiveness... They gave me a scholarship to study when I most needed it, offer me a job when I just freshly grad without any experience and also find a suitable thing for me to do in the office due to my health condition... I should be grateful and not be the person like the chinese saying "biting back the hand who feed me"... I'm grateful that now I was given a second chance to contribute the company again... This will be a lesson learnt forever and I cant afford to do such mistakes again in the future no matter where I'm working... I'll surely think 1st before doing anything...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sony New Camera Launch 2013

I was lucky enough to be one of the few selected Sony members who get to preview the few cameras which is launching in Malaysia in the year 2013.Some of the cameras launch were the Sony Action Cam, NEX 5T, QX100 and etc. Cant really recall the other models as I was not quite attracted to those. :P

We start of by some video promotion of all the products by Mas Ishida. Here are some of the photos during the presentation.

Started of with Ivy Goh Head of Marketing welcoming us...

Lisa Surihani shared her experience being the Sony ambassador and how much she enjoy taking picture with her NEX 3N 

Took this shot because of the model... :D

Here are some of the features of the Sony action cam... I wonder will it be cheaper than the GoPro???

Lastly we got to have a hands on on all the new cameras. Its camera molesting time. YAY!!!

My friend Meng Keat playing the QX100 after linking it to his Xperia Z using NFC... 

Another friend Christopher Lye with the QX100... Seems like everyone just love this lens style camera...

The Sony Action Cam not as small as the GoPro, but seems like it can perform under low light condition better than GoPro...

The QX100 on my hand at last... It is NFC compatible... Seems like NFC technology is becoming more and more popular d... Luckily my Xperia S is NFC compatible... But too bad i just don't have extra cash to buy those add ons... T.T

Both the new E mount lens... The front 1 is a G lens and the 1 behind is the Zeiss Lens... If only the lens could have f2.8 and remain that light...

So thats all for tonight. I need to get some rest and pack some more for my Langkawi 3 day 2 nights trip. Nightzzzz.....

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New stuff from Ninetology

Ninetology Malaysia has officially launched its Flagship Touch Point at Plaza Low Yat on 30 August 2013 a day before Merdeka day. At the Flagship Touch Point, you can find all the Ninetology products being displayed. Consumers can also learn how to use a smartphone to enhance their lifestyles and interests. The Ninetology smartphones are not just communication tools, but a device that can advance one’s social visibility, thus opening doors to more opportunities. Eight more Flagship Touch Points within the Klang Valley will be opened this year with another nine outlets scheduled within Malaysia by next year. The Ninetology’s Flagship Touch Point is opened from 10.00am to 10.00pm daily.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to launch the first Flagship Touch Point. Gracing the ceremony were the management team of Ninetology Malaysia comprising of Sean Ng (Chief Executive Officer), Marco Beh (Chief Operations Officer), Shian (Chief Finance Officer), Vijian Chan (Chief Marketing Officer), and Eddy Tay (Head of Channel); Michael Lee (General Manager, Property Management and Operations of Plaza Low Yat), and celebrities such as Z-Chen, Iqwal Hafiz, and Sasi the Don.

Earlier this month the U9 series were launched at KL Hilton Hotel.The X1, Z1, and Z1+ are the new and stylish devices design to meet all our needs. To know more about the Ninetology U9 smartphones, do visit www.ninetology.com/u9.

Ninetology is now currently working with MediaTek Inc, the leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions. With MediaTek Inc as their partner, it is hoped that the Nnetology would be as great as the other products.

Mr. Arthur Wang, Senior Director, Head of EMSM, Mediatek Inc. receiving the Certificate of Appreciation from Mr. Sean Ng, CEO of Ninetology Marketing Sdn. Bhd. 

The U9 series smart phones comes with 16GB ROM/1GB RAM of internal memory so that it would be ideal for viewing videos, playing games and other content with super-fast connectivity and are powered by Android 4.2 together with a MediaTek MT6589 1.2GHz Quad-core processor, in which would deliver a richer smart phone experience at a competitive price. There are also thousands of applications including social network, productivity and utilities, entertainment, and appstore. They have display screens of 4.8” (X1), 5.7” (Z1) and 5.5” (Z1+) respectively. They are slim and light and would be a stylish and durable companion for upbeat lifestyles.

Z-Chen who is a Malaysian Mandopop singer, also fondly known as the R&B Little Prince is appointed as the Ninetology Product Spokesperson. 

Mr. Leslie Loh, Chief Digital Officer of Ninetology Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (2nd from right) introducing a gadget review program targeting all Malaysian bloggers – Tech Kaiju Arena. Along side from left is Kevin Chong TraxxFM Radio Presenter, Quah of quachee.blogspot.com, and Mark O’Dea from The London Boys. 

So for those bloggers who are interested to review the U9 series smart phones, you can check out more at the Tech Kaiju Arena Program by submitting your name, blog link, email and contact number to publisher@ninetology.com early to avoid disappointment. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Terms and conditions apply. This program will be ongoing until December 2013.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

A terrible mistake

A few months ago, I posted something about the company I'm working in and after some deep thoughts about it I realize that it was such a big mistake... I should not have taken a harsh decision and post it so publicly on my blog... I did not know the consequences was so serious that it would affect the image of the company that deeply... I'm really sorry and regretted for my actions.. I should have not been to rash jumping into conclusion without knowing the whole story behind it... I know I should have handle it properly by seeking the proper channel to solve my problem... What my boss say was correct: I'm already a university graduate but still my EQ is so low... From now onwards I've learnt from my mistake and would not repeat it in the future... I hope all the parties who were affected by what I said would forgive me for what I've done..