Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Things which I have learnt in the past half a year

It has been half a year since the day I made those comments about the company I'm working in... After thinking again I felt that my actions was quite silly... Should have asked some opinions from my friends 1st and not just post in rage without thinking properly... I do regret for posting such defamatory comments bout the company... I know posting such comments will have serious consequences and I have to make amends and ask for their forgiveness... They gave me a scholarship to study when I most needed it, offer me a job when I just freshly grad without any experience and also find a suitable thing for me to do in the office due to my health condition... I should be grateful and not be the person like the chinese saying "biting back the hand who feed me"... I'm grateful that now I was given a second chance to contribute the company again... This will be a lesson learnt forever and I cant afford to do such mistakes again in the future no matter where I'm working... I'll surely think 1st before doing anything...

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