Saturday, September 25, 2010

why am i sick during the season of test 2?? how am i gonna concentrate like this.. throat keep on feel uncomfortable... looks like i'll not be getting better anytime soon... suffer... T.T

Saturday, September 18, 2010

times up...

holiday has officially been over for me... time to be back at serdang tomolo morning.. and face the cruel reality on monday... so many things not done... how??? PLS SAVE ME!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

ok lets see... after 1 week wat have i done leh??

1)Power electronic lab - done half way
2)power e lab presentation - found info only
2)Power E assignment 1 - found info only
3)power e assignment 2 - totally dont know how to do
4)control mini project - found little info only
5)comp arch assignment - found info but dunno which is the important part
6)MGM assignment - haven decide which company to choose also...
7)statistic assignment
8)jap hw

haiz... in conclusion... need to find fren discuss le... hopefully will work out la my this plan...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

pocket money = -ve

money not enough ar... after calculating for so many times... every month my spending will be more than my pocket money allocated which is RM400... 30 go to my phone bill... 48 go to my broadband... then 200 go to my car petrol... so end up... i only got 122 for my eating money... lunch n dinner for 30 days.. so after dividing... i think i only can eat RM4 per day... so wat can i eat rm4 per day leh?? for long term 1... any1 can help me??

4-12 Sept

wat have i done during this week?? i think is only worry bout work only... although the work is very simple n easy... yet i did not enjoy it... y?? because 1st the pay is a bit low... then when i work i'm always alone.. n last i'm always worried bout my assignment which is not done... i cant work in peace ne... haiz... 1 week wasted... another more week to be wasted... come on NIC... u must get your mood to do hw back...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

mid sem break = no mid sem break

hmm... lately all the lecturer during this sem dunno is pakat d or wat... all give at least 1 assignment for us to do during this short short holiday... then some more i just got a part time job for this sem break... which is being a cashier for kings ice cream... 1 hour rm5... dunno worth it or not... mom say pay too low... i also dunno the pay can cover my petrol money or not... hopefully i wont rugi ba... haiz... MONEY NOT ENOUGH.....

ok before i leave.. i think i need to list out all the work that i need to do during holiday times...
1)Power electronic lab
2)power e lab presentation
2)Power E assignment 1
3)power e assignment 2
4)control mini project
5)comp arch assignment
6)MGM assignment
7)statistic assignment
8)jap hw

i hope i din forget any... or else i'll be doomed....