Wednesday, September 1, 2010

mid sem break = no mid sem break

hmm... lately all the lecturer during this sem dunno is pakat d or wat... all give at least 1 assignment for us to do during this short short holiday... then some more i just got a part time job for this sem break... which is being a cashier for kings ice cream... 1 hour rm5... dunno worth it or not... mom say pay too low... i also dunno the pay can cover my petrol money or not... hopefully i wont rugi ba... haiz... MONEY NOT ENOUGH.....

ok before i leave.. i think i need to list out all the work that i need to do during holiday times...
1)Power electronic lab
2)power e lab presentation
2)Power E assignment 1
3)power e assignment 2
4)control mini project
5)comp arch assignment
6)MGM assignment
7)statistic assignment
8)jap hw

i hope i din forget any... or else i'll be doomed....

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