Sunday, October 24, 2010

last week of the semester

its almost ending... yet i dun feel excited about it at all... cuz i hav to many deadlines coming.... and my mini project is still not functioning... tomolo i have to do presentation but the thing is still dead no matter how many times i troubleshoot it... next time i'll remind myself not to act smart and go buy such an expensive and complicated circuit... guess i'll get super low marks for two subjects... no circuit ever succeed when it reaches my hand... guess i'm not destiny to be in the electronic side... haiz... its just sad... but no1 can help me... only a miracle will save me from my 'doom'... but i guess that will never ever happen... ok la... off to my work now... ciaoz..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

kinda sad a bit... cuz recalled of something not too happy about... looks like i really hav to improve a lot... i'm glad u tell me directly to me... at least i know where i gone wrong before its too late... i promise will try to do my best... although i dont know how long it may take... but i'll nvr give up since i still hav your support... ^^ nitez every 1...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

test season again...

its test season again in UPM... this is my test 2... only 2 subjects have passed... still got 4 more in row waiting knock out me... during test still got many other homework to do... such as...
1)Control mini project (consider half done)
2)study control (start a little)
3)power electronic simulation (1 more question dont know to do)
4)power e presentation ( found little info )
5)study power e (start a little)
6)MGM report n slide ( cant find info )
7)study bloody hell MGM ( depending on tips only )
8)study the awful comp arch ( dont know where to start)
9)comp arch assignment(coming soon)
10)power e lab report ( still doing )
11)power e lab presentation + report (found some info)
12)study power e lab ( haven start)

omg... y the more i list the more the need to do stuff gets more and more... ok.. must find the mood and start doing it le...