Saturday, August 21, 2010

end of week 6

so fast with the blink of an eye, my week 6 of my sem has aleidi come to an end.. although the 'small' test has ended, yet a huge pile of homework is just waiting for me... reports and tonnes of assignments.... its going to be a busy week as the deadlines are getting very close as if its just sitting beside me... so now time to offline n concentrate on my work... ciaoz...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Alpha multiple flash workshop

attended the workshop last sunday... was having trouble uploading all my pic to blogspot due to lousy wifi... learn quite a few new things.. if only it was free... but hey theres no free lunch on this earth...

Wesley the trainer

without flash triggered...

reflection on the floor...

the best pose i've took on tat day...

too bad no smoke trail = failed

tats all for now... many pic awaits me to be processed..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

time not enough

aiks... dunno when did my workload suddenly stack up so much into mountain loads... i thought i aleidi did the work everyday n not like last time enjoy so much... lets see wat work i have now so far...
1. Control assignments
2. Control mini project
3. Study control for test 1(finding things that has been asked by lecturer too)
4. Study japanese for test 1
5. prepare conversation for quiz 1
6. do jap homework
7. study power electronic for test 1
8. study statistic
9. study management for test 1 comp arch for test 1 power electronic lab
12.power electronic assignment

non academic stuff
1. edit tonnes of photos which is in my comp...

thats all for now.. finally know wat i haven do.. and its really a lot... n here am i wasting time blogging out.. k time to hav a nap then go to class... start the work later...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

week 4

just with a blink of an eye its aleidi week 4... this week onwards will be a hectic week for me... i've got coursenight to attend, help a fren do some photoshoot, go to pc fair, and the most important STUDY!!!!! my exam is next week n i'm not ready yet.. come on NICHOLAS..... YOU CAN DO IT....... STAY FOCUS.........