Monday, December 19, 2011

What is Multimedia?

My friends and I did a small project for assignment 2 which has the title what is multimedia?

Inside the video there will be some brief example of what is considered as multimedia... We've done this project for the whole day and finally came up with something as below... Do enjoy it ya... :D

This project is to create an animation using many keyframes taken from a camera. The frames are played back in one frame per second. This gives the illusion that the object shown is moving as there are small changes in each frames. All the frames were shot and saved in JPG high quality images to ensure that the animation produced is clear. The content of the animation is about “What is Multimedia?” The software used is Windows Live Movie Maker which can be found in every computer that has Windows operating system installed.

Multimedia actually consists of several elements. They include:
1. Text
2. Color
3. Image
4. Sound
5. Video
6. Animation

The content of the text consists of many characters that make up the words, punctuations, symbols and so on to convey different meanings and messages. Text is a very basic element in multimedia and almost everyone can understand it easily when reading it.

There are three main colors used in multimedia animation. They are red, green and blue (RGB). By using colors, multimedia presentation becomes much more attractive compared with black and white which is very dull.

Images are a combination of many pixels arranged neatly and compactly to form a certain picture. Pixels which are arranged more compactly will produce images which look much smoother and will not look pixilated.

Sound is produced when an object vibrates and the waveform produced during the vibration travels through a medium which is usually air and reaches the listener’s ears. A video without any sound is not able to attract viewers as it lacks the element of excitement.

In video the synchronization of the frames and the sound must be accurate or else the video will look awkward. The video created in this project is saved in wmv format. For animation to run smoothly more key frames are needed. This is because an object seen by the human eyes remains on the retina for a short moment after viewing. This creates a visual illusion of movement to the viewer.

Our project starts off with the introduction of the text followed by three examples of color which are black, blue and red. After that, seven samples of images taken by us were displayed. For the sound section, a guy who was singing ‘Do Re Mi’ was asked by his friends to stop because they could not stand him. A short clip of the video was taken from the recording of a dance concert held this year. The video was synchronized with music being played and this makes the whole video smoother to watch. The last part of animation is about two stick man fighting and at the end, one of them was knocked out. Many different frames were drawn and then combined together to form an animation. The whole project is produced by us. We would like to give credit to Hot Challe for the usage of his song “Tonight Tonight”

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Happiest Moment

Basically after seeing the title of the post it kinda reminded me of something in the past... So many happy things happened to me yet this was the only one that I could remember the most...

It was our 1st year anniversary... I know its nothing big because many people had their 1st anniversary before already... but this is my only girlfriend which is willing to spend her precious with me... She's important to me and till now I really appreciate her... Just sometimes I couldn't do what she wants and always say I'll try my best... I am really trying to be the best for u... Thats why although that flower is very expensive... yet I still buy it... (not complaining o... :D)

Now I can forever remember this all thanks to my camera as without it I can only save this memory in my own brain and couldn't share it with anyone else... Happy moments are meant to be shared not just keep to yourself... Sometimes people see happy pictures, they will feel happy themselves.. I would really love to capture more happy moments with a new camera... The new PEN lite Olympus should be the best camera now for me as its new, small and even stylish... Should be easier for me to carry around compared to my bulky DSLR... I wish I could just get myself one and share it with my loved ones... Too bad that I'm just not lucky enough to own 1...

Thus for this Christmas I only wish that my wishes could come true and I could capture all my happy moments with my dearest "SWAN"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

nais lemak 2.0

just watch the movie nasi lemak2.0 at the nearest cinema from my house.. manage to get the 1st movie shown which is the early bird 1 at 11.50... very very worth it watching the movie... be warn though if u dun really know wat is happening around malaysia then u wont understand wat is namewee trying to tell in his movie... so do brush up your malaysia knowledge b4 watching it.. its funny and it is a great 1malaysia movie.. too bad most of it is in chinese(dialect) or else sure this movie will get support from all races around malaysia... the subtitles are quite good and accurate actually... so recommend all u ppl out there to watch the movie nasi lemak 2.0

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sony Alpha Launch 2011

Sony has launched 4 more cameras into their alpha camera line on 24.8.2011 and i was able to get myself into the launch all thanks to John Shum..

I arrived there about 3.30pm at Gardens Hotel and started playing with the new cameras.. The 1st 1 tat i tried was the A77 which is the successor of the A700 which i'm having now... it really feels nice and i really like it... the best part is it has a live view which i really need during event shots as i'm quite short n might need to raise my camera high to shoot.. overall its really a nice camera to have... wish i have the extra cash... enjoy the pictures below..


Albert testing the A77

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[NEW]Photoshoot with Moni Chun

I'll be organising a photoshoot with Moni Chun on the 27 of August at Bukit Jalil Park, Malaysia.

The theme will be evening dress with Moni

Here is some of her portfolio.

Fees: Free of charge (those interested please leave a comment below)

Ratio: max 5 to start
Outfit: Evening dress

Its on a Saturday from 8.30am till 11.30am (3 hours)

Gathering location will be disclosed to participants.

Info: She is still very new into modelling and would love the opportunity to learn more. Hope that you all will give her support. :)

Any inquiries please contact me at +60123358308 or You can also pm me at facebook.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy go Lucky girl photoshoot with Angeline

There will be a photoshoot with Angeline on the 6 August 2011.
(view​ edia/set/?set=a.1634084570​65165.40782.14203700253564​4 for more of here photos.)

The theme will be Happy go Lucky featuring Angeline

...Fees: RM30 only (early bird price is until 30 July, after that it will be RM35 )

Ratio: min 5 to start (max 8)
Outfit: 2 sets of casual outfit

Its on a Saturday from 8.30am till 11.30am (3 hours)

Gathering location will be disclosed to paid participants.

Info: She is still very new into modelling and would love the opportunity to learn more. Hope that you all will give her support. :)

How to pay:
Bank the money into my account CIMB bank (AC: 12260081729523)
Nicholas Ng Chun Ming

Any inquiries contact me at 0123358308 or

Terms and conditions:
1) Once payment is made, no refunds will be entertained unless it is organisers fault.
2)Failure to turn up will result in the payment being forfeited and it cant be brought forward to future shoots.
3)Seat is confirmed once full payment is made before the event
4)Send me your details through pm once you have made the payment so that I will know.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Femme Fatale GT party 2011@ Sepang

I was invited to Femme Fatale GT party on 18.6.2011 by I Love Discounts. It was held at Sepang and it was my first time attending a Rave party. So let the pictures below show what happened during the party.

Chong Mun Hon@ Femme Fatale 2011.jpg

My friend Chong Mun Hon

Me@ Femme Fatale 2011

DJ Lady Qui

DJ Lady Qui

DJ Chrissie Nana.jpg

DJ Chrissie Nana

DJ Jeana Ho

DJ Jeana Ho

DJ Monsterbeez

DJ Monsterbeez

DJ Monsterbeez 1

The crowd

DJ Jeana, DJ Hidy Yu, DJ Suki

DJ Jeana, DJ Hidy Yu, DJ Suki

DJ Suki, DJ Hidy Yu, DJ Jeana with me

The whole party was awesome as the DJ's were very good in mixing the musics. I really enjoyed my time there. Too bad I did not manage to stay up till the whole party end as it was too late and I had to get back and rest for the next day of Super GT. So that's all for now. :)

Friday, June 3, 2011


Yesterday I attended the FEMME FATALE SUPER GT NIGHT 2011 which was held at ZOUK. Its just a pre party before the actual Femme Fatale Super GT party happens on 18 June 2011 (Saturday). It was my first time stepping into Zouk and entering my 1st club. This opportunity was brought to me by I LOVE DISCOUNTS. Thanks for the invites.

The event highlights of the night was display of SUPER GT car, SUPERCAR parade aka Super GT lookalike car, short performance by Japan GT queen and Local GT queen and last but not least an autograph and photo session with the Japan GT queen Ayami Sasaki.

So let the picture tell the story of what happen that night.

Zouk right before the party starts.

The crowd that starts to register

The mean machines aka Super GT lookalike cars

My friend with the Lamborghini

DJ Eva T rocking the house

The crowd at Zouk

The 30 free ticket give-away session

Some of the finalist of the GT pageant search 2011

The long awaited arrival of the Super GT queens

GT queens performing on stage and boy their voices are sweet

More photos of the Super GT queens

Autograph session with the GT queens

The best part of the event: taking photos with the GT queens. Wooohooo

GT promoters with Vera

Overall the party was quite fun as my friend and I received quite a lot of freebies. Would like to give a big thanks to JPM motorsport for organizing Super GT 2011, Levot entertainment for the pre party, I LOVE DISCOUNTS for the special invitation, the GT queens and those who make this event a success.

Be sure to buy your tickets to Super GT to see more of this cars on the tracks

If you would like to attend the Femme Fatale Super GT party, you could get your discounted tickets here. Its really a great deal if you wanna attend this party since there are up to 70% discounts for the tickets. See you there. ;)

Here is just a short video clip of the performance of the GT queens that night. Sorry for lousy sound system. Enjoy