Saturday, March 29, 2008


38 words

Monday, March 17, 2008

the one week absense

after receiving my STPM result last tuesday... i vanished for a week... cuz was just too disappointed with my results.... only got an A for Maths T,2 A- for Pengajian Am and physics and a B+ for chemistry.... so cgpa point is 3.66 only... seems to have lost an A in every major exam... i think its not an A is should be say because of one subject i cant score all A... and that subject is usually the one at the lowest in my examination result slip.... always give me a shock... althugh i din tell anyone that i'm hoping for 4.0 but deep down in me i was really hoping that i get it... am i being greedy???? everyone consoled me telling me that this result is very good already... saying that with my condition i'm still able to get such good results.... y do they like to use the excuse that i'm sick to make me happy... if this result is good enough i would like to see if this result will let me study the course that i want in the local uni.... i'm not greedy in my course... i just want chemical engineering and not medic....

so i promised myself to reward myself if i get good results.... although i wasnt happy with it yet i still decided to reward myself... i saw a cool and old pattern of yoyo on ebay a few days past.... and now i decided to buy it... but my parents wont allow me to lend their credit card to make that purchase... they are affraid that the credit card number will be used by some crooks.... so today i applied for my own Maybank visa debit card..... but too bad when i was to click buy on the internet.... it said error... and so i called up and guess what explanation i get... i'm sorry the online purchase servise is only available in our second phase.... so now i'm just very very disappointed... not able to do or get the thing that i want.....

my renal biopsy result is also out already... and its not a good 1 either... my lupus nepheritis has moved on from class IV to class V... which means its getting worst without me knowing it... so now started on an imuno supressant medicine(dunno got spell correct or not)..... have to pray that this medicine will work and wont give me another bad infection like last time.... *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

waiting for time to pass

why time is so wierd... when we want it to pass faster it will go slower... but when we wan it to go slower it will fly by just like that.... now i'm just counting down the time to collect my stpm results... and is starting to get nervous.... wish me luck...