Wednesday, January 27, 2010


suddenly feel like my life is totally meaningless aleidi.... why the hell am i still living on this earth??? wat is my purpose??? just dont know wat to do anymore... study??? but cant get good marks... make frens??? yet still frens dun care bout me... make money??? everytime working for a low pay job... living happily??? now everyday emo only... so wats the point of living on???

Monday, January 25, 2010

visit to know more about the event that is going to happen... :D

Sunday, January 24, 2010

suddenly i just noticed that every beginning of a new sem it hasnt been going well with me... for the 1st sem, i was not able to walk properly to class or anywhere in upm... then during the 2nd sem, i lost my handphone as it was stolen from me on the KTM train... the 3rd 1 i'm still trying to recall as i'm sure there had been something bad happen... and finally for the current sem, i met with an accident which i dunno how am i going to tell to my dad... haiz... looks like the bad luck charm is still with me...

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Why nowadays ppl just keep striving to get A's leh??? they dont care watever way they use they want to collect as many marks as possible to get an A... every1 so like it when there is carry mark tat could help boost uo their marks... those carry marks include handing up tutorial homework, attendance, doing assignments,lab reports n etc... i really dun think students do all this just to learn something... all jsut do it for the sake of marks... just like me copy paste fren's lab report n assignments just to pass it....... do i learn anything??? NO..... it just kinda defeat the purpose of learning........ just because lab less 1 or 2 marks keep on wan to argue till he is correct... haiz... wan to say i hate this kind of ppl yet deep down i know wat i do also got ppl hate 1... and i'm sure a lot ppl hate the way i do things... so... in the end wat can i do... just keep quiet n shut myself up... or else ppl is going to start flaming me............

a negative post (please dun read this if u hate reading -ve stuff)

lately dunno why things are really not going smoothly... i din wish that everything will go according to plan but still at least i just wanted things to move like other normal people.... is it so hard to ask that for... i dont know why i'm always emo when just small stuff (for some ppl) happen.... its like i'm having pms or wat... or i'm just like a girl now so emotional... and too bad no1 is willing to hear me out... everyone is just so bz with their life... and i dont blame them... maybe i will need to see a shrink aleidi cuz i think i'm going crazy.... i just have so much to say... but dont know where to start from... i'm even scared to sleep for eternity as i might be having continuos non stop of night mares....

Monday, January 18, 2010

blue monday

today ar... things din go smooth also... wake up early in the morning and memorize the wrong time table d... thought class start at 9am so walk go to my fac at 8.30am... my room mate got ask me y go so early but i din know it was 2 hours early so i just say i wanna go for breakfast... then later tonnes of hw drop on my back all hav to do it within this week... n next week got 3 test... which i haven even start to study... all still blur blur... how ar now???

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


today woke up at 5.15am to do my hw cuz yesterday i was too tired and slept early... so today i was going to hav a group photo shoot for ESTEM.... when i was almost reaching UPM main gate, i saw my friend in front of me going to the same event so i just follow her lor.... then when reach a cross section my friend just drive straight to the opposite side... i just give a glance n see no cars coming and then just followed her car... then all of a sudden.. BAng!!!!!! my car was going sideways and just went up the curb... then i heard my friend shouting... i then know i was involved in an accident... the behind part was badly damaged.... and the rest let us see the pic lar...

Monday, January 11, 2010

today... monday

just the start of the week and everything is not going according to plan d... early in the morning, my throat was still sore and this indicates tat i'm still not fully recovered and yet i still had nasi lemak for breakfast.... then had to rush to the hospital for my INR test... the hospital registering system has changed since the beggining of the year n the registration at the counter was damn crowded as we can now only register 30 minutes before our appointment time... later after i went back for my class, after copying notes half way my ink just so happened to finish n i did not bring the refill for it to class... later when i went back to get my blood result, the result din came out good and i've got to ponteng class 2 weeks later for a visit to the hospital again... when i was about to leave the hospital i've forgotten to ask the doctor for my MC and had to run back in just to get that piece of paper... and then when i reach back my room i still have tonnes of hw not yet done.... STRESSed ar!!!!! can any1 help me....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

sorry for not updating for so long... have been very bz ever since my new sem started... actually i've took quite a lot of photos but seems to be lazy to upload it on blogspot... but if u wanna see it go to my facebook acc... and now i'm starting to fall sick... hopefully will recover by chinese new year so i can enjoy all the nice food... :D