Thursday, January 21, 2010

a negative post (please dun read this if u hate reading -ve stuff)

lately dunno why things are really not going smoothly... i din wish that everything will go according to plan but still at least i just wanted things to move like other normal people.... is it so hard to ask that for... i dont know why i'm always emo when just small stuff (for some ppl) happen.... its like i'm having pms or wat... or i'm just like a girl now so emotional... and too bad no1 is willing to hear me out... everyone is just so bz with their life... and i dont blame them... maybe i will need to see a shrink aleidi cuz i think i'm going crazy.... i just have so much to say... but dont know where to start from... i'm even scared to sleep for eternity as i might be having continuos non stop of night mares....

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