Monday, December 29, 2008

new resolution...

so here is my new year year's resolution:

1) get a girlfriend

2) be good in yoyoing

3) get rich (dont know how)

4) study smart and get good result

5) ask help from god to fulfill my wishes

6) try to stay healthy

7) learn all the photography skills

thats all for now lar....

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas and New Year

christmas has just passed and its ntg special this year too... as usual din recieve any present as i din give any to anyone also... even if i give i think its a waste of money too.. so looks like my wish list will surely take a longer time to be fulfilled... so the new year is coming and my 2009 resolution will be coming out soon... stay updated... hehe...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

more pic of CF2008....

the pictures mostly are on cosplay competition... hope u all enjoy it...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Comic fiesta 2008

went to the event yesterday... seen some nice characters there... but when i come home time look at the photographs like not so nice d... dunno y...

so below are the photos... will upload a bit more next time...

Saturday, December 20, 2008


tag by ee leng... so just do lar... since now dunno wat to post...

A. Attached or Single?
single... and desperately looking for my partner... S.A.D

B. Best Friend?
hmmm... dunno count as best fren or not... should be reliable only lar....

C. Cake or pie?
both also dont really like

D. Day of choice?
Wednesday ba... as its already middle of the week...

E. Essential item?
handphone and my yoyo... food is not essential to me...

F. Favorite colour?
orange and black

G. Gummy bears or worms?
dont eat that much sweets 1...

H. Hometown?
pandamaran klang

I. Favorite indulgence?
playing yoyo for now...

J. January or July?

K. Kids?
i hate them... too noisy...

L. Life isn't complete without?
money,gf,yoyo and handphone

M. Marriage date?
wait till i can get some1 to accept me 1st lar...

N. Number of brothers and sisters?
1 younger sis... how wish i have a younger bro...

O. Oranges or apples?
apples... orange too much juice...

P. Phobias?
heights is the worst

Q. Quotes?
Fear leads to anger.
Anger leads to hate.
Hatred leads to power.
Power leads to victory.
Let your anger flow through you.
Your hate will make you strong.
True power is only achieved through testing the limits
of one's anger, passing through unscathed.
Rage channeled through anger is unstoppable.
The dark side of the Force offers unimaginable power.
The dark side is stronger than the light.
The weak deserve their fate.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me

R. Reasons to smile?
something happy going on lor

T. Tag 5 people
thong chin,swee ling,yuk ling,susian,eva

U. Unknown fact about me?
hmmm... cant tell out... it will remain secret...

V. Vegetable?
not many tat i like...

W. Worst habits?
also cant tell out... embarrassing....

X. X-ray or Ultrasound?
ultrasound lar... its much safer....

Y. Your favorite type of food?
hmm.. must see appetite 1st one...

Z. Zodiac

Thursday, December 18, 2008

uni result

its gonna be out in a few hours more... (i think so)... hopefully i wont get too bad results lar as i dont really understand wat i was learning during the 1st sem... hope to get at least 3.75... pls GOD help me...

15-17 dec

hmm... went down to Kluang JB on the 15 with my mom... 1st time drove for almost 300KM in a day all by myself... haha... was speeding all the way hopefully i wont get any summons... then the next day went down to singapore with my mother... wanted to go there alone 1 but some how my mom manage to get her passport done in a short time so she tagged along too... din get to take any photos as we have a very tight schedule... waked up early in the morning and reached the new Malaysia custom building... inside still clean as its just the 1st day open to the public... its kinda huge too... then the 1t place that we go once we reach sg is Suntec City Mall as there was my only intention of going to SG... finally found Spinworkx but i only bought 100 slick6 strings and helped faeez to buy The Cut... dunno y suddenly i din buy anything... must be because i haven got enough time to think properly and my mom was beside me... then went to help my mom settle her CPF application... later dropped by 2 of my uncles house in Marsling... then have to hurry back to JB to catch the last bus to Kluang... overall my trip to SG was quite fun... their public transport there is very efficient and at least the public toilets there is also clean and free of charge... not like here have to pay 20cents and still get a dirty 1...then the next day its time to come back to Klang as i have to be admitted to hospital on thursday... drove all the way back again by myself... once reach home was tired online a while to check my mail and then sleep...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


just came back from JB... will update again tomolo now a bit tired...

Friday, December 12, 2008


hmm... went to the pc fair today... just to grab a few stuff although i was really low in cash... but those things are kinda essential for my uni life... guess what i've bought... a 320GB seagate external hard disk,a 4 port usb hub,dvd-r,cd-r and an SD card... cost me around RM300+.... all my part time job pay is gone b4 even i receive it... pokai pokai... how am i gonna buy new yoyos and accessories??? today the pc fair wasnt as crowded as usual as today was just the 1st day... parking was not as hard as the last 2 days... although the crowd was not tat big,the prices of the things there were not as cheap as i thought it would be... i guess they only slash prices when they cant sell it of on the last day of the pc fair... 1 thing to expect from the pc fair though... there are lots of nice promoters to see... many leng luis wor... so sayang i did not brought along my A200 to capture some pictures as i went with my mom and my sis... did not want to show my true nature in front of them... since today was not that packed... no chance of squeezing through the crowd so no chance of accidentally touching girls body part... hahaha... very jin gak hor... so thats all lar for now...

Monday, December 8, 2008

no holiday

it should be a public holiday for me today but have to work again... they dont have enough promoters so they persuaded me to work... last nights sales was better than saturday's... but i think more people are taking samples then buying them... do hope got leng lui drop by kota kemuning's econsave today lar....

Sunday, December 7, 2008


fuh... being a promoter is damn tiring and damn sien if u're doing it alone... stand for 8 hours yesterday... dunno my leg can take it or not... starts to pain a little... but i really need some extra pocket money to get the things i want.... plus they wanted me to work for a month too... but i think once they know i cant promote well to make people to buy the product i think they will sack me very soon... oh ya... i haven say what i'm promoting still... so anyone out there interested in king's ice cream just let me know... i could get it for u if live nearby me...let me earn some commission... although the commission is so damn little... its 0.0? ......look how little it is.. where i got the heart to promote it like tat... again have to work today and tomorrow then only get to rest... then work next weekend again... looks like i have to miss all the yoyo meetings till the 27 of dec.... i hope my yoyo friends wont mind... hehe... ok gonna prepare to work soon....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

4.12.1988 and 20 years later

20 years has passed and ntg special ever happen on this date always... except for last year where my frens suddenly appeared at my house but i was not at home... because i got admitted to hospital on my birthday last year... so sad right.... so this year went back normal again... got some unexpected wishes from a few friends thanks to facebook and friendster.. but the one i hope to wish me 1 din do so... so sad.... my wish list also not 1 been fulfilled... have to extend it to as christmas wish list le...

everytime i celebrate my frens birthday for them i kinda envy them cuz their birthday is always on a study day while mine is on a holiday... so every1 just tend to forget mine or just to busy to just notice it....

so today had an appointment with my doctor... and suddenly after talking to the doctor i have this guilt feeling... some how i think i din get better is because i acted clever and be my own doctor... din eat my medication according to prescription... haiz.... so it should be my fault lar... and now its unreverseble...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


here i am now waiting for the time to pass... my 'teen' days are going to be over real soon... but the official time will be 7.30pm tomorrow where that is my birth time... still nothing special happen yet... still hoping for it....


So i guess it will just be another dull day tomorrow... just my feeling though... hope it wont come true... and hope someone will remember it... still waiting for things to change for the better...

p.s. : wishlist modified..... hahaha

Friday, November 28, 2008

Birthday wishlist....

hmm... suddenly feel that i want a lot of things and since my birthday is coming near i'm just gonna make a birthday wish list... things that i want most will be at the top... here goes...

2.Girl friend
4.Playmaxx Stunt Pilot(preferably black)
5.Yoyojam Aquarius
6.Duncan Hayabusa(Duncan Crew Japan Edition)
7.Yoyofactory Skyline(Starry night edition)
8.Duncan Freehand Zero(Black)
9.External Flash for my A-200
10.Playstation 3
11.A nice watch that suits my hand :)
13.Sony Ericsson Experia X1
14.Duncan Glove(small black)
15.Yoyojam Thin lube
16.Slick 6 Strings
17.A pair of yoyofactory Loop720(ice)
18.Yoyofactory 888/Superstar
19.Celebrating with my friends
20.Just to be happy

i think thats all that i can think of now... will edit it from time to time... do hope these things will just drop from the sky for me although i know its kinda impossible.... so long din receive any present also... haiz.... :(

2nd time doing house chores...

this is my 2nd time doing house chores again... since my mother went down to JB to my grandma's funeral and my sis is having her SPM, i'm force to do it again.... had to wake up early to clean the house when everybody is still asleep... so tat my job would be easier... now i understand y my mom hates us dirtying the house cuz its really tiring cleaning the house... i'm very gratefull that my mom does all the house chores without even complaining compare to me and my sis.... hopefully she'll come back soon and i wont have to do it...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

2 sad news in a day

woken up by my mom this morning at 2am and got to know tat my grandma from my mother's side just passed away... so now my mom left me in charge of my sister as she is still under going her spm right now... and i wasnt allowed to go down to JB so early... only get to go there once the funeral date is set...

next sad thing is... i got rejected by another girl again... haha... kinda anticipated it aleidi... under my friend's ecouragement i just ask her whether she could feel tat i'm interested in her or not... and she replied dun say like tat... we are frens.... so there u have it... the answer is so clear... no wonder all her messages to me is so damn short... send her long long ones and all i get is just a "haha" for example.... haiz....

do u think i can take it???? i myself also dont know... no wonder i have the urge to buy yoyos lar... everytime b4 something bad happen i will surely spend a whole lot of money in buying the things i really want... till now only i notice it... what a wierd situation...

Monday, November 24, 2008

CYYC 2008

sorry for the delay in posting up the photos... had to avoid my cam from being detected from my father....