Thursday, December 18, 2008

15-17 dec

hmm... went down to Kluang JB on the 15 with my mom... 1st time drove for almost 300KM in a day all by myself... haha... was speeding all the way hopefully i wont get any summons... then the next day went down to singapore with my mother... wanted to go there alone 1 but some how my mom manage to get her passport done in a short time so she tagged along too... din get to take any photos as we have a very tight schedule... waked up early in the morning and reached the new Malaysia custom building... inside still clean as its just the 1st day open to the public... its kinda huge too... then the 1t place that we go once we reach sg is Suntec City Mall as there was my only intention of going to SG... finally found Spinworkx but i only bought 100 slick6 strings and helped faeez to buy The Cut... dunno y suddenly i din buy anything... must be because i haven got enough time to think properly and my mom was beside me... then went to help my mom settle her CPF application... later dropped by 2 of my uncles house in Marsling... then have to hurry back to JB to catch the last bus to Kluang... overall my trip to SG was quite fun... their public transport there is very efficient and at least the public toilets there is also clean and free of charge... not like here have to pay 20cents and still get a dirty 1...then the next day its time to come back to Klang as i have to be admitted to hospital on thursday... drove all the way back again by myself... once reach home was tired online a while to check my mail and then sleep...

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