Friday, December 12, 2008


hmm... went to the pc fair today... just to grab a few stuff although i was really low in cash... but those things are kinda essential for my uni life... guess what i've bought... a 320GB seagate external hard disk,a 4 port usb hub,dvd-r,cd-r and an SD card... cost me around RM300+.... all my part time job pay is gone b4 even i receive it... pokai pokai... how am i gonna buy new yoyos and accessories??? today the pc fair wasnt as crowded as usual as today was just the 1st day... parking was not as hard as the last 2 days... although the crowd was not tat big,the prices of the things there were not as cheap as i thought it would be... i guess they only slash prices when they cant sell it of on the last day of the pc fair... 1 thing to expect from the pc fair though... there are lots of nice promoters to see... many leng luis wor... so sayang i did not brought along my A200 to capture some pictures as i went with my mom and my sis... did not want to show my true nature in front of them... since today was not that packed... no chance of squeezing through the crowd so no chance of accidentally touching girls body part... hahaha... very jin gak hor... so thats all lar for now...

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