Friday, November 28, 2008

Birthday wishlist....

hmm... suddenly feel that i want a lot of things and since my birthday is coming near i'm just gonna make a birthday wish list... things that i want most will be at the top... here goes...

2.Girl friend
4.Playmaxx Stunt Pilot(preferably black)
5.Yoyojam Aquarius
6.Duncan Hayabusa(Duncan Crew Japan Edition)
7.Yoyofactory Skyline(Starry night edition)
8.Duncan Freehand Zero(Black)
9.External Flash for my A-200
10.Playstation 3
11.A nice watch that suits my hand :)
13.Sony Ericsson Experia X1
14.Duncan Glove(small black)
15.Yoyojam Thin lube
16.Slick 6 Strings
17.A pair of yoyofactory Loop720(ice)
18.Yoyofactory 888/Superstar
19.Celebrating with my friends
20.Just to be happy

i think thats all that i can think of now... will edit it from time to time... do hope these things will just drop from the sky for me although i know its kinda impossible.... so long din receive any present also... haiz.... :(

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