Thursday, August 5, 2010

time not enough

aiks... dunno when did my workload suddenly stack up so much into mountain loads... i thought i aleidi did the work everyday n not like last time enjoy so much... lets see wat work i have now so far...
1. Control assignments
2. Control mini project
3. Study control for test 1(finding things that has been asked by lecturer too)
4. Study japanese for test 1
5. prepare conversation for quiz 1
6. do jap homework
7. study power electronic for test 1
8. study statistic
9. study management for test 1 comp arch for test 1 power electronic lab
12.power electronic assignment

non academic stuff
1. edit tonnes of photos which is in my comp...

thats all for now.. finally know wat i haven do.. and its really a lot... n here am i wasting time blogging out.. k time to hav a nap then go to class... start the work later...

1 comment:

tiffany_swan said...

do those which are more important first =) study~~~ =)