Saturday, October 2, 2010

test season again...

its test season again in UPM... this is my test 2... only 2 subjects have passed... still got 4 more in row waiting knock out me... during test still got many other homework to do... such as...
1)Control mini project (consider half done)
2)study control (start a little)
3)power electronic simulation (1 more question dont know to do)
4)power e presentation ( found little info )
5)study power e (start a little)
6)MGM report n slide ( cant find info )
7)study bloody hell MGM ( depending on tips only )
8)study the awful comp arch ( dont know where to start)
9)comp arch assignment(coming soon)
10)power e lab report ( still doing )
11)power e lab presentation + report (found some info)
12)study power e lab ( haven start)

omg... y the more i list the more the need to do stuff gets more and more... ok.. must find the mood and start doing it le...

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