Tuesday, April 24, 2012

things get heated up...

So fast time flies. Its already week 9 of my final semester in UPM. Project deadlines are coming nearer and nearer and yet many of it is still not done especially my Final Year Project on Genetic Algorithm. Its really really tough implementing the GA on hardware as the random function is not really applicable in hardware. I have to come up with something so that the random functions will work in my GA. Really headache la. I need more time to think as my brain is not as efficient as others. I can't handle much stress anymore. I don't want to have another infection like last time. Will GOD send someone to help me out so that I could finish my project in time and graduate? Will my supervisor fail me if I cant produce it out? Really really afraid to face the future. If only I can control time, how nice it will be.
On another note, I do hope my group members could give full cooperation to me so that things could run smoothly. Just like my photography team, they are willing to give ideas feedback and work as a team in order to achieve something. Now just balance the MOMENTRAIL logo then everything should be able to be officially launch already. Hopefully everything will go smoothly.
Lately I've also been getting a few request from girls wanting to be models. I would surely glad to accept them to be my model but as my budget is really running really really low and I'm actually quite busy with my uni coursework, I might not be able to help all the models out there. Have to apologise 1st for this. Do hope to get the opportunity to shoot more models in the future(hoping to get paid next time).Here's just 1 edited photo taken last saturday. Do leave your comments bout my photo. Ciaoz.


Anonymous said...

model bosanla...try pemandangan la...juz my 2cent...(,").

ngcmn said...

i nak try pemandangan.. tapi tak ada equipment seperti filter yang diperlukan untuk hasilkan gambar yang cantik... tunggu org sponsor i.. haha