Monday, March 26, 2012

New photography team

I finally manage to form my own photography team to accept events and portraiture photography. Its still new and I hope that everything will be able to fall in place as the team progress. I don't expect everything to be smooth but I do hope to get the support from family and friends. Now my biggest headache is the team's name. Haven been able to come up with something nice, catchy and maybe feminine a bit? But I think the catch phrase that we had come up yesterday was some what good which is artistic. fun. memories. Do you think its nice? How to form a name based on these tagline ne? I really need the inspiration now. I know branding is very important. If any of you readers out there has any suggestions I really hope you can leave your comments in this post? If the name is really nice maybe next time we can do a photoshoot for you for free?

Time is really running out now as I've still got proposals, presentation, test, FYP to settle. Thats all for now. Hope to see your feedback. ;)

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