Friday, March 16, 2012


I guess because of what I've done yesterday has caused me many unhappy things happen to me today. I paid my parking ticket but forgotten to take the ticket. In the end get a fine of RM20. Next at 1st almost had an accident by knocking the car in front of me due to not concentrating enough and did not press the break hard enough. I thought I was lucky at that time as nothing happened. But then it did not just end like that. AFter like 1 hour later after having my dinner, the same thing happened. This time my car is rolling backwards. Rolling and kena horn by other car also din notice until my car shake d only know. Came down to see the car and some more want to blame others for knocking me. Sigh. What a shame. Next time must be more alert when driving le. Money just keep flying away today. Have to go repair my car back bumper tomorrow. Wira's bumper just touch a bit then till drop down le.

Tired liao. Time to sleep soon and can only hope that GOD have finish punishing me.

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