Sunday, March 18, 2012

photoshop and lightroom class

I've always wanted to learn how to use photoshop to edit all my portraiture work but too bad there's no one to teach me. I'm actually more of those type of people who learn things through teachings by others. I absorb faster this way compared to self learning from books and the internet. I've a very very good sifu in photoshop. He is willing to teach me but too bad I need a class of 5 students to at least start. The course is considered to be quite cheap already compare to the others and I can say it will be very worth while if you take up this class. The cost of it will be RM350 per person and its a portrait retouching Master class. There is also another class which I'm interested which is the Adobe Lightroom accelerated for photographers. This class also need at least 5 students to start up and it cost RM300 per person. My master who will be teaching is Wesley Wong. His works are really really fantastic. So anybody willing to join me for these classes?

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