Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trying to start afresh

Everytime I had this urge to start everything all over again in my life, but I know I can never achieve that as time is not reversible. So I can only start from this moment. So ngam also the day I've chosen is my beloved "wife's (aka swan)" birthday which is the 4th February. If one of my friend say I also copy hers of doing new resolutions its just so coincidental only. Here are just some of the simple and yet tough stuff that I must do in my life. Things that I can control and the list are:
  1. Try to lead a normal healthy lifestyle. Love myself so that I can enjoy more in the future.
  2. The longer I can live the more I can take care of my "wife" and my parents and family members. I owe a lot especially to my parents (dad and mom). I know I haven't been a good and ordinary child to both of you but I'll try to find somehow to repay all my debts in my life by not giving too much trouble anymore. I LOVE YOU mom and dad. Wish to give a hug to both of you but scare after you all thought what is happening to me.
  3. I wanna be a better photographer. Learn up as much skills as possible. With simple equipment I hope to achieve life those professionals standard.
  4. I've been trying to create my own passive income to support myself. I'm setting up this blog and also my own webpage as a photography portfolio. I do need support from everyone out there la. Once a while help me out with the advertisements. Please dont abuse it. I'll really be glad if all things work out and if I can afford it next time I'll sure treat my readers in some way. You help me I help you. LOL
Thats all I can think of for now. Almost time for me to take my medication and maybe get some rest for few hours before being so energetically awake. 

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