Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It seems that today and tomorrow will be the only day I stay at home the whole day with the exception of going out to eat during lunch and dinner. I can say that it really is relaxing for me to do this but if its in the long run I'll definitely get very very bored. Now my everyday task would be online, write blog, update simple photography guide (its coming back up real soon I hope. The web site is, doing my final year project ( no idea how to continue without guidance of my 'beloved' supervisor) and some stuff that I planned to do a long long time ago but still not yet carried out. I really wish to do something interesting such as doing some photography job and get paid. Shooting models and events would definitely be great. With the pay I get from this freelance job I'm sure I'll be able to fund my own studio and get the A900 that I've always wanted. So any kind person out there would love to hire me?

Today during lunch I ate another round of Bar B Q plaza. After eating consecutive rounds of it for 2 days, I would like to say I'm kinda scared of eating it anymore for the time being. I cant keep eating the same food for a few days as I'll get sick of eating it. Don't know its just me or everyone also. I don't really enjoy food but I do enjoy spending my money on gadgets. This is one of the reason why you see me being such small size. So asking me to buy friends lunch or dinner is really not my style and please don't think that I'm stingy. If I can afford it I'll definitely treat my friends. As of now I'm signing off saying that I'm really broke and in need of money. Please anyone can help me out during my financial crisis?

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