Saturday, February 25, 2012

A normal weekend

Its finally the weekend. I feel that my weekdays and weekends will almost be the same for this half a year except that during weekdays I've got 5 classes to attend while weekends I get to rest in my hostel room or at home. Wonder if I should go back home more often? If I go home more often I'll be lazy and then FYP wont have much progress. But at least I get to eat better food when I go home. So which one should I choose leh? Dilemma.

Today managed to asked my senior to come and teach about my FYP. He was kind enough to travel all the way from Seremban to UPM just to teach my friend and me just for roughly 2 hours plus. Really really appreciate it. At least after he had explained to me, I understand a bit more already and ready to proceed on my own. Must really treat my senior when I've got the chance as he is willing to help us even though its not really his responsibility anymore.

Tomorrow I'll be having another photoshoot with Sher Lynn. Must make sure I've got at least 1 or 2 nice and sharp pictures this time. Not like last time did not check properly and just ended the photoshoot.

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