Wednesday, February 29, 2012

no time to rest

My life has been really really busy. Before today I'm not so busy but after attended 3 classes today I've got extra 3 assignments to do. One of it the due date is next monday while this weekend I have training at UITM. Could not be really involved in the group assignment thus I tried to finish it asap now.
The A900 I have been eyeing for such a long time has finally come to the last stock with such low price. Too bad I don't have the cash to buy it now. Sigh. My mom do not want to lend me RM6k also. Everyday keep thinking bout it till did not sleep much. Cant stop my mind thinking about it. How can I loan money ne without interest? Should I tell my 'Wife' bout it? Haiz. Don't know what to do now. Body tired. Not enough sleep but my mind seems to be awake all the time.

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