Friday, February 24, 2012

busy busy times..

Time is really running short for me ne. So many works need to be done and yet its still not yet been finished. All stuck half way especially my FYP. The deadline is getting so near yet I still don't have any progress yet. Partly is due to my laziness but half of the reason its not progressing is because someone who promised to help keep tend to delay it. I know its not fully that person's fault and I should have depended on my ownself. BUT it really is very difficult and way beyond my understanding. Just hope after today things will progress la. Really must push myself already or else will suffer in the end. Next week some more got training by ALTERA for our FYP competition. Need to prepare proposal, write progress report and identify 5 problems faced. Sigh.

Homework and assignments given by lecturers during the 1st week of semester also all done half way. Not complete. Waiting to refer to friends one to complete it. Really must be hardworking already this semester. Less entertainment only can finish all the work. Hopefully it wont be too stressful for my body.

On another note it seems the steroid medication is not really working. Still had swelling legs for last few days and now muscle on my thigh and the joint at my right leg is feeling the pain. Usually my leg will pain when I can feel the water start flowing down to my feet but I've already released the extra fluid in the body for the pass few days and now should be no more extra. Why is the pain there ne? Hmm.. .

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