Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Everytime I hear my friends having insomania and wonder why they could not sleep so easily. But for me I never had this problem until I start taking my medication which is the steroid. My mind is now always energetic and quite alert but actually my body should be tired already. Although it is tired I still cant really feel the tiredness until I really really tired. Thus this makes me could not sleep for a long period of time. I can fall asleep easily if I want to but I get awoken pretty fast and easy too. So how to solve this problem? I plan to just force myself to sleep from 12am to 6am every night. I asked my friend who is studying medic each person should have how many hours of sleep each day and he said 8. So balance another 2 more hours I'll keep it as my nap time. Sounds like a plan? It is to me.
Its been quite some time since I posted any pictures to be shared here so here are some for you readers to look through. Do hope to hear comments from you all bout the photo.

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Chia yee said...

Second photo is nice!