Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dad's birthday

Finally my leg is not swelling anymore. All the extra water has been expelled out after taking the medicine. Hopefully after 2 months of eating the steroid my protein urea will reduce and be under control. Eating too much steroid is really giving me too much side effect. Keep feeling hungry, water retention in body, too energetic, my join which has avascular necrosis (AVN) is much more pain, etc.
Tomorrow need to go back UPM as BAKTI is organising some kind of Chinese New Year celebration for the orang kurang upaya (OKU). Heard got ang pao given but I doubt its even enough to cover my petrol for tomorrow. Just wait and see la.
Today is my dad's birthday. Did not really have the money to buy present and celebrate it as my camera repair has cost me RM980. So my sis just bought a cake from King's and treat him eat. Tried taking the picture of the cake and submit it as stock photography. Its still in the editing process. Hopefully it will be ready tonight for all readers to comment on it. Really need those comments as I want to improve on food photography too.

Thats all for now.

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