Sunday, February 19, 2012

finally start busying

My days of relaxing at home is finally over. So many things to do lately since yesterday as predicted before. My schedule now is kinda fully occupied. I'm either busy with class/ assignments or photography. Hopefully my body will be able to manage the upcoming stress. Today will be the day I'm back at UPM. So if anyone wanna find me or 'date' me, my meeting up point would be in Serdang mostly.

Had quite an enjoyable learning session on photography thanks to Sony NEX workshop. I think I really need to attend the NEX workshop so that I could fully utilize my NEX5N. Loving more and more of my camera each time I use it. Pictures are still in the midst of processing. Hopefully I won't need to edit much and let it be as natural as possible. :)

Later will be busy packing, unpacking and cleaning up my hostel room. Then at night would need to start to console my 'lao po' and pray that she can get through her semester. Lao Po- Gambateh o... I'll always be supporting you de.

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