Friday, February 10, 2012

Problem arises

Yesterday was really not a smooth day. Whole day problem keep arising. So the 1st problem that appear is my health is not improving yet and I have to take the medication aka steroid which has lots of side effect for another 2 months. Mostly the medication will have no effect on me as my theory of repulsion in life is taking an effect.

Next my car. It is also having the same problem with me which is related to water. My car keep consuming a lot of water while my body is retaining so much water. How ironic ya? Till now the problem is still not solved and it needs to be constantly monitored so that my car wont spoil overheat and die on me before I graduate and get a new car.

Then yesterday while checking the car, the car repair took quite a long time and it made me break a promise with a model. I had to delay the photoshoot till so late night. Finished the shoot late and reached home quite late.

Money also using up very fast already. Still finding ways to find extra income. Camera repair is ready and I need to pay it. My 'wife' is also having her own problems but as her dear I'm not able to fully help her out. I felt so useless and feel that I'm her source of pain and disappointment as I broke quite a few promise before. I swear I'll try to change myself and not do the same mistake again.

Ok la enough of ranting already. Rest 1st and must not stress up myself.

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