Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time is not enough

It seems that 24 hours for me now is not enough. Too many things need to be done but the time is too little. Homework and assignments are already piling up. Do not really have the time to go through what the lecturer have thought in class today. Hmm is my time management not good enough? Was hoping to get 4 flat this semester but I think with the analog subject that I'm forced to take this sem, I won't be achieving my target.
Might as well spend some time in developing my photography skills and try build up my reputation. :)

Gonna have a photoshoot with a newbie model tomorrow morning somewhere at Equine Park. Not really ready for the photoshoot as I haven't had any visual images in my mind on how the images should turn out. Even the exact location also I'm not very sure yet. Just go with the flow la and pray things will turn out fine? Kinda worry as things that I want wont get one. Lets test out this theory again tomorrow. May there be nice pictures from the photoshoot la.

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