Monday, February 27, 2012

tiring day again

Today the time really passed so fast. Its already almost midnight now. Went to PKU this morning and waited to see the doctor for around 30 minutes and just ended up talking to the doctor for like less than 3 minutes. Doctor ask me to monitor a few days after applying the cream given and asked to come back again if it did not improve. Don't know with my suppressed immune system now will I even get better? Sigh.

Then after that had to rush back to my faculty to attend a meeting with my FYP supervisor. Luckily I just arrive in time before they start. Tomorrow suppose to have a training with him but till now still haven't update us on the exact location of the training. After the meeting and its 3 types of class till 5pm. Am really exhausted now as not getting enough of rest today. So today's blog will be a short 1.

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