Sunday, February 5, 2012

Studio Shoot with Stephy

My passion for photography has been burning lately. Kept thinking of it. Recently saw something that really really caught my attention. Someone is selling a brand new Sony A900 for only RM6k. That is a real real bargain. Too bad I don't have the money. I'm only interested in Sony stuff. I know the A900 is the best in its line and does any of my readers here feel that I should not get it? Please do not tell me Sony camera no good just because its a Sony. Tell me what you think of the camera functionality. Worth buying or not ne?

Here's just some of the studio shoot I did yesterday with my NEX5N. Personally quite happy with the quality of the images being produced by this camera.

All of the photos here are not being photoshopped except for the watermark. Any comments on it? Just bash it. I'm here to improve and learn. Hopefully can get some comments to improve.

More pictures on my blog next time. Hopefully. Keep fingers crossed.

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