Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's day

This day is suppose to be a sweet sweet day for every couple if they celebrate it. Actually not everybody would be happy today because if everyone is happy then there would not be war already. So I only can wish those unhappy couple to quickly try resolve theirs like how I always try to solve my relationship problems.
My celebration was just pretty simple a lunch together and then went for a movie together. Just bought her some simple valentine present. Its the thoughts that counts right? Here's what she got for me.

She said my face not clean enough wan me clean everyday ne. HAHA. Will try to remember it la. Thanks LAO PO. :D
I hope she enjoyed the day although I know its hard for her. But I promise I'll love her everyday and try to provide her whatever she needs. Shot a few nice shots of my beloved 'wife' using NEX5N but posting 1 here only. All of you can leave a comment on it ya.

One last shot of us together using hand phone camera.

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