Monday, February 6, 2012

needing cash

To survive everyone needs money nowadays. Everything cost a lot due to high inflation rate. I wonder why the money value keeps on decreasing? Is it because the petroleum of the earth is getting depleted and cause everything to rise? I don't think there's a solution to solve that problem.

So now I'm trying to think of ways to earn extra side income. Hopefully my passion of photography can help to keep me survive in the future. I'm planning to open up a studio as a business. I've been exposed to quite some knowledge on studio photography. BUT can I manage the studio properly and start earning? Maybe not just earn as long it can self sustain and don't bring me extra cost then I would be happy already. Too bad GOD would not let me have the things I want always. My theory for my life: Things that I want would never get it.

I'm also hoping to earn some extra income by getting a passive income. My target for this would be venture into stock photography. Anyone out there willing to give a helping hand by guiding me how to do it for free? Sharing knowledge is caring right? Do good things will be rewarded in some unexpected ways. Speaking of doing charity, its almost time for me to pack my stuff and get ready for PAP external affair camp liao. Signing off.

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