Monday, July 23, 2012

A Date with Bloggers 2012: Part7 Hainan Association

After visiting Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, we had to walk to the Hainan Association for our next makan session. Hit the jump to read more about it.

So at around 11am, we headed for the Hainan Association after our visit at Cheng Ho cultural Museum to try out the Hainanese food and the local Nyonya food. When we reached there the food was almost all prepared and we started to take photos of the food. Below are the Hainanese food being served and 'demoed'. LOL

Staring at the food wondering when can she start eating it. We apparently had to wait for the Melaka chief minister to arrive first before we can start eating.

The original Hainanese Chicken

Forgotten what is it called but it certainly is one of the delicacies of the Hainan people 

Another food name forgotten. Really sorry.

This one is something that is put into the ginger soup. It is made out of a type of a plant. Taste a bit bitter but heard that its good for the skin. The ladies should try this out.

Chicken rice balls. It really is that nice. You have to try it out yourselves.

Does the prawn look tasty to you??? Next up the food are all Nyonya delicacies.

Sambal Sotong. My favourite.

This prawn taste very nice too...

This drink is something like Kampai but is locally made in Melaka.

Making her own chicken rice ball.

Its actually not that difficult making it. First you scoop the rice out, then roll it into a ball when its hot so that it can stick together. The rice is a bit more wet and sticky than the usual 1.

My own chicken rice ball.

Process of me making it.

This pineapple tart is surely nice man. After having 1 I keep eating more.

The sifu that demonstrate to us how to make the famous 'Sun biscuit'.

Finally the chief minister arrived at 12pm. Such a long wait.

CM giving his speech.

The food on our table. Just waiting to eat it down. Too bad we waited for so long before started to eat and the food turned cold a little. :(

Everyone waiting impatiently for the speech to end and start eating.

Photo session with the CM.

Continue making 'Sun biscuit' after finish eating our lunch.

The 'Sun biscuit' which I've keep mentioning. The 1 with 1 red dot is filled with durian paste and the 2 dots 1 is coffee. (did I mix them up?? forgotten le paiseh)

So thats all for the post on the Hainan and Nyonya food introduced to us. The next post will be the last 1 about my Melaka trip. Do stay tuned for it.

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