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Last Sunday I was invited to the ELEVATE event at Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) as a blogger. Would love to thank the organisers of ELEVATE and Don Chan for inviting me to this event and . Hit the jump to read more about the event.

On Saturday morning I met up with Mike so that we could carpool together to Penang to cut cost. Then we drove up to Ipoh to meet up with another blogger and had brunch at Gunung Rapat. We managed to arrive Penang by 12pm and went to check in at the home stay I booked before this. Only at 3pm we went for lunch at Kedai Kopi Thew Chik. I heard that this shop name have the nickname of shout shout chicken rice.

The shop where most of the bloggers had their lunch..

After lunch wanted to have cendol but too bad Mike could not find any parking and so we decided to head back and rest up for the night's event. At 7.30pm, we went out for dinner at McD. Ironic isn't it. Come all the way to Penang and had to eat McD and not the local delicacy.

My pretty 'wife'... :D

The invitation passes that I gave out to my blog readers...


Do we look lovely together?? Haha.. but I kinda dislike my rounded face.

The leng lui bloggers for the event. Still cant remember all their names ne because did not really get the chance to interact with them. I'm the paiseh kind. HAha...

 Me with my VIP pass.

The reception counter for the guest registration. For VIPs we did not need to wait in queue with the other guest as we had special treatment. :D

 The crowd at the beginning.

 The Emcee for the day.

 After the MC introduced the event DJ Sierra started to demo her skills. Quite like the songs she played.

 An short video clip on DJ Sierra.

 A group photo of the 20 bloggers who were invited to party at ELEVATE. We had free flow of drinks from Carlsberg.

 The Mocha Girls!!!

Shot a few clips of the Mocha Girls performing. Their performance is awesome right? Sexy chicks dancing leh. Hopefully you all enjoyed watching it. Any comments on the video just leave a comment at the end of the blogpost so that I can improve.

 I look damn ugly in this picture. Not natural at all right???

 Henry sang the chorus part " Time after time" after being asked by one of the Mocha Girls when they came down from the stage and join in the crowd.

 Sam was invited up stage to sing a song with 1 of the Mocha girls. It was actually quite funny when he was forced to go up the stage.

 Look at Sam's face.. Like suffering so much on stage... :P

 A photo with DJ Sierra.

 The crowd went on stage to dance and enjoy with the Mocha girls

 The Elecoldxhot with their opening act.

Nice performance by Elecoldxhot right? I wish I could dance just like them so I could attract all the ladies. :D

Then its time for DJ Hiloco's to keep the music going on.

The happy DJ aka Nerodoll.

The Elecoldxhot's second performance. This performance is quite cool with their LED suits I think.

After the performance of Elecoldxhot, we went back and call it a night because we were quite tired and a bit disappointed too as the promised liquor was not served. I can also see that the other bloggers were feeling quite bored too. I also wanted to take some photos with the Mocha girls and DJ Hiloco but no chance were given. But before going back we stopped by Old Town to have some supper.

The next day, my darling and I walk down near our homestay to have some breakfast. Finally I manage to keep my promise of letting my darling have some Penang Asam Laksa. After breakfast we went back and get ready to check out. At 1pm, we were suppose to meet up with Don and the gang but too bad they could not get up as they partied till 5am. So we just went ahead ourselves.

At 2pm we reached Ipoh and had the famous 'Nga Choy Gai' aka chicken rice with beansprouts.

The chicken.

The 'taugeh'.

 Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun

Overall Its quite a new experience for me as I did not really attend such events before. The ELEVATE event was quite ok for me as I love the songs played by the DJ's and the dance performance by the Mocha Girls and Elecoldxhot. I hope that those who get the free invites from me enjoyed their time during the event.  In the end I would like to thank ELEVATE again for the VIP invite. All the pictures and video were taken on my NEX5N. The photos I've found out that some were sharp but I practically used auto mode the whole event. As for the video I think its quite ok. Any comments on it???

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