Monday, June 9, 2008


its been almost a day my mom is not at home... me and my sis have been given the task to do all the house chores... to me now the house is just like half chaos... this is because we couldnt do a really good job... today my sis need to go to school and she is still partially sick... so basically i have to do everything since she will be quite busy from now onwards... this is actually my first time doing house chores... all along my mom never let me do it because she wanted me to concentrate on my own studies... everyone sure will think that i'm too pampered and i admit i am pampered by my mom.... so now when it really comes to depend on myself i'm in big trouble... if i was normal now i think i will be able to do the house chores properly... but now i cant even walk or stand for long.... how do u expect me to swipe,mop,wash the clothes,etc etc..... i am really suffering right now... next time when i start my university life time how??? will i be able to take care of myself??? i dont think so lor... since there are many things that i have to depend on other people... then when i grow up already leh??? i think at that time i have to hire some one to help me around... this means i've got to work extremely hard to earn enough money to survive... i'm really really greatfull for what my mom has done for me in the past years... i'm sorry for giving her such a hard time last time by messing up the house and give her more work to do... i hope that my mom will quickly get cured now so that life could go back the way it used to be.... i dont know how long more i could tahan... please god help me!!!!! currently emoing....

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