Sunday, June 8, 2008

falling sick

this time finally is not me falling sick... its my mom and my sis... my mom started to have fever 4 ays ago but it gone off after 2 days... she also vomitted quite a lot all these days and still haven stop.... she also have aches all over her body... so today after she took a blood test at the hospital finally confirmed got denggi fever le... so its now her turn to get admitted... my sis leh yesterday started to have fever... when today she go to the hospital with my mom the 1st thing the doctor found out wats wrong with her is she is haveing high blood pressure... at such a young age already got high blood pressure... ask her not to eat so salty stuff but she dont wanna listen... so today she kena poke by the doctor with a long needle and was put on drip... her drip was so fast... just within a few hours can come back home already.... so now since my mom is not at home its me and my sis turn to do the house work.... poor me... not able to move around freely yet need to help aound... if dont help my sis sure will make a lot of noise 1.... so the hardship starts now....

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