Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost a new life

My final days in UPM is coming very soon already. Now I just need to finish up my thesis and get the approval of my examiners. I'm now actually quite worried that they still want me to do more changes to my thesis but I actually don't have any idea on how to improve it any more. Just only can pray to GOD so that everything can go smoothly and I wont be so stress any more.
Since my thesis is not ready yet, so what I actually planned cant go as smooth as I wanted. I just keep worrying about my thesis. How can I reduce my stress leh? Sigh. This is really not a good sign as stress is bad for me and my SLE is currently not under control. I just wonder will my SLE be under control when I enter the working world? I cant be taking so many sick leave when I start work right? It will give a very bad impression to my employer that I'm so incompetent.
On 1st July I'm gonna  launch my photography business which is a partnership with 2 of my friends. So do stay tuned for it on facebook ya.

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