Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Date with Bloggers 2012: Part5 Sayang Sayang Guest House

In this post I'll be showing you the place I stayed for the night during this event. Hit jump to read more about it.

So the place I stayed for 1 night is sponsored by Sayang Sayang Guest House. It is actually quite a low budget place for you to stay in if you want to visit Melaka for a few days. I'm not too sure about the actual cost for staying per night but you can check it out at their web site.
Since its a guest house and not a hotel, so dont expect too much from it. So here are some of the photos taken by me during my stay at the guest house. (p.s: all are actually photos of my 'wife'... HAHA... :D) 

To reach the sleeping place you have to climb up the stairs.

The twin sharing bed.

A place for you to relax and read some magazines.

A nice comfy couch for you to lay in your own room.

You can actually rent a bicycle for your ease to travel around the city of Melaka.

The living hall of Sayang Sayang Guest House.

A little disappointed during this trip as not everyone is staying in the same guest house. The one I'm staying was Sayang Sayang Guest House 2. If everyone could stay in the same building I think that would be more fun as we can have the chance to mingle and talk with the other bloggers. But since everything is free and sponsored I guess I cant complain much right? As long I can sleep well during the night then the accommodation should be considered ok already. Stay tuned for my next post on Cheng Ho Cultural Musuem. ;)

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