Monday, June 4, 2012

A Date with Bloggers 2012: Part2 Uncle Keong Delicacies

Despite my hectic uni life, I'm here to continue my story on my Melaka trip. Hit the jump to see what tasty delicacies I've tried.

So after visiting Julie's factory, we were taken to a guest house to check in. The guest house's name is called Sayang Sayang Guest house. It was my 1st time staying in such a guest house. Pictures for the guest house will be up in the next post I hope. After checking in and putting our luggage, we walked toward our next destination somewhere near Jonker street.

So this is the shop which I mentioned: Uncle Keong Delicacies

The boss's son Alex explaining about the shop and what do they sell.

After the explanation we were served with the 1st dish which is Lotus Seed & Lily Bulbs with White  Fungus. The actual serving was as shown in the picture below. It cost RM6 per bowl.

A nice cold refreshing dessert drink..

The serving given to us.

This is the 2nd dish that was served to us. If I din remember wrongly this should be the Mi Sua  (Flour Vermicelli) Soup with Mushroom. It cost about RM9.80. It taste quite nice also. Sorry I don't really know how to describe how the food taste like. But 1 thing for sure if I say its nice, mostly its nice to eat because I'm quite a choosy person. :D 

This is Uncle Keong's Eight Treasure Ice. The brown colour is due to the gula melaka added to it to give the sweet taste. Using gula melaka is better than those other shops using other ingredients.

This is the last dish served to us which is the Spicy Curry Chicken Noodle. The price of it is RM9.80. The mee is not the normal yellow mee but a different kind of mee. Even after eating so much I'm still able to eat the mee down. So this means the mee is quite nice till I din have the feeling of dont wanna eat anymore. (again sorry for the bad description of the mee. I'm not a food expert.)
Here are the rest of the photos while we were enjoying the food and place. 

My leng lui bao bei... :)

Both of them enjoying the Mi Sua.

Waiting for more food to come.



Group photo with the boss of the shop before leaving.


Another group photo. We were given Guai Ling Go before we left too. Wasn't really fond of eating bitter stuff though.

So thats the end of the visit to Uncle Keong Delicacies shop. Do come here to try their food and dessert. Its very nice and the boss and workers are very friendly too. Stay tuned for my next post on A Date with Bloggers Part3.

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