Sunday, April 20, 2014

2 day 1 night at Gold Coast Morib Resort

Last Thursday I finally took a break and went to Morib Gold coast to take a break from my work with my girl. Its my 1st time there so hit the jump is you wanna know how was it.

The resort is actually just a 45 minutes drive from my home town and it was quite easy to be found. We reached there around 2 something and quickly checked in to our room. 1 look at our room I was quite amazed as it really looks like the room they showed online.

There's even a private jacuzzi..

After that we quickly changed our clothes and head over to the water theme park to play. The theme park was not crowded as it was just 4 something in the afternoon and it was a weekday. The theme park was ok and not too small which as expected. Then after just playing for 1 hour we got bored quickly as there was nothing much to play with so we get back to the room to clean up ourselves. Too bad when my girl was about to use the hair dryer to blow dry her hair it was malfunctioned. Next we then took a stroll around the resort compound while waiting for dinner time.

When it was 6pm sharp, we went directly to the diners to have our dinner. I just bought the buffet dinner which came with the room as I was lazy to go out of the resort to look for food. Too bad the variety was not many for the buffet and I ended up eating not worth my meal. :(

Did a light painting before calling it a day.

once woke up head for breakfast again. This time breakfast was packed with people as everyone got the breakfast voucher that came with the room. I quite enjoy the breakfast because it suits me better. Too bad I woke up with a heaty throat and I knew I'm falling sick. (until today I'm still not fully recovered yet)

Lets take another selfie before going home.
Overall the place was ok and value for money. But be reminded to not be fooled by its appearance. Many things looks nice but actually its faulty. For example the private Jacuzzi, it was faulty too and I did not manage to enjoy it. I would also would like to remind my readers out there to remember to bring your swim wear if you want to enjoy all the facilities in the water theme park. Or else you'll end up like me not able to enjoy some of the slides. So thats all for now, hopefully I can recover quick from my sickness and continue back my normal life.

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