Friday, March 21, 2014

Company Annual Dinner 2014

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates. Its been months since something interesting happened in my life. Hit the jump to read more about it. 

This is the 2nd time I've attended my company's annual dinner. I've been appointed to be the main photographer of the night. Its also been quite some time since I shot any event. So its quite a good training ground for me again. I hope all my colleagues will like the photos I took. Enjoy the photos below.

Registration counter

The guys hanging outside before the dinner starts

1 of the contestant for best dress competition. Guess what's the theme?

Its 'The Best of 60's'

Female contestant for best dress competition

Boss giving speech.

The best energy saving office unit goes to......

Another contestant

See the 3 Afro heads...

The CA group

Its prize giving time.

The 6 finalist for the best dress award.

Who will be the winner? Stay tune to find out

Look at me dancing. I think its my 1st time dancing actually.

Lets roll to your right...

Shake your ass.....

You can watch the video for our dance below 

Its the 2nd group to perform

Here's the video performance

The 3rd group...

Video time

See all the pretty ladies

Performance time

Smell my armpit. Hahaha

Its lucky draw time....

Best female dress award

Best male dress award



Boss with the pretty ladies

Old man also wan selfie with pretty girl

The 6th place for performance

5th place

4th place

3rd place

The best performance group

Group photo

Overall its a nice night. Too bad did not get the grand prize of RM1000. Hope it wont be too much photo for you to go through. Until next time.

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