Saturday, May 3, 2014

PAP 2014

Just last 2 weeks ago, I went to UPM to watch their PAP 2014 performance. Somehow I did not manage to get a nice seat so my photos are just so so only. But still I'm quite impressed with the performance of my A900 paired up with the 70200G lens. The image was quite clear even though I was sitting from far away. SO just have a look at my photos below

So as you can see above, the colours are quite nice and accurate except for some which I have post processed it. Never regretted getting this lens and camera although its quite expensive. Even after I posted these photos online, 1 of the junior in UPM invited me to be the photographer for another dance event organized by Zhong Hua. I felt quite proud of myself but too bad I just had to turn him down because I was a bit lazy to drive all the way back to UPM again just within 4 days after this event and am quite tired too as I had been busy that week. Do hope in future got chance to shoot events like this, as its really been a long time since I shot events.

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